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Starbucks in Poland?

rafik 18 | 589
19 Nov 2007 #61
ZEZE. i just wonder how people can answer your posts after you said this:

"is another Pole death I am sure will be another soon going to Canada to replace this cheap labor that just die .
and the bloke was a stupit , polish red neck that never been on the plane , born in the 3th world country that Poland is I think they should had shoot him in the head ."

that's about that poor bloke from vancouver

.you r just a stupid **** not worth to sh'it on ,matey.go back to your jungle ******* to fcuk monkeys and crocodiles.take your comments back to your G-8 country brazil full of nice and smiling people who will happily shot or stab you.just wonder who forced you to go to poland

Watch the name calling please
Daisy 3 | 1,227
19 Nov 2007 #62
i think he must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic

or a few beans short of a decent cup of coffee ;)
sapphire 22 | 1,241
19 Nov 2007 #63
exactly. Im off to Ethiopia today, which is apparantly where coffee originated.. they have traditional coffee ceremonies where they roast the beans in front of you whilst waving around incense.. and not a Starbucks in sight. Damn shame I dont drink coffee :)
babylon2007 3 | 17
19 Nov 2007 #64
I generally find the coffee very good in Poland. In Ireland, we tend to have more sandwich bars than coffee houses. In poland, you get genuine coffee houses with relaxing atmosphere and surroundings. Starbucks recently came to Dublin but I wouldnt rate them very highly. I prefer original, one of a kind cafes. But if I had to pick a chain in Poland, I would choose Coffee Heaven. Coffee is always good, nice bright style and friendly staff. Sometimes, in Poland, you can come across small cake shops that can also have really nice coffee in some cases.
HAL9009 2 | 304
19 Nov 2007 #65
Agreed - I take my coffee seriously - and Starbucks, naah. Can't beat a good small cafe. I Nero in the UK (haven't seen them in Ireland) is good.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
19 Nov 2007 #66
Has anyone ever tried Kopi Luwak coffee?

They don't serve in Starbucks, but it's interesting stuff.

Starbucks is coffee for the rich , but they do have some tasty whole beans to but. All of those designer drinks are a waste of money IMO
LondonChick 31 | 1,134
19 Nov 2007 #67
Surely most people pick their coffee shop based on location / ambience etc rather than the brand? While I'd rather support a small independent rather than some mega corporation, if there's a Starbucks that does good coffee (and they very from shop to shop, don't they?) and is there when I need it, then Stabucks it is.

BTW, I don't recall seeing a Starbucks anywhere that I've been in Poland.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
19 Nov 2007 #68
"is another Pole death I am sure will be another soon going to Canada to replace this cheap labor that just die .

Bad Mogli. Why are you so ungrateful ? We took you out of the jungel and you bite a hand, which feeds you ?
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
19 Nov 2007 #69
I take my coffee seriously -

BLEC>>> and double blec.. lol

coffee and me dont get along.. I love tea and that is it.. tea rocks. theres nothing
better then a good cup of tea in the morning with toast. and in the afternoon with
lunch and evening with dinner. :))))
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
19 Nov 2007 #70
BTW, I don't recall seeing a Starbucks anywhere that I've been in Poland.

They are just starting.
19 Nov 2007 #71
One goes to Sturbucks not for coffee (too strong!!!!) but for the AMBIANCE;)
gdj67 15 | 154
19 Nov 2007 #72
Lol Miranda..............Please tell me thats meant to be ironic!

19 Nov 2007 #73
yeh, it is for snob(s)
19 Nov 2007 #74
One goes to Sturbucks not for coffee (too strong!!!!) but for the AMBIANCE;)

Agreed, One goes to Tim Horton's for the coffee. :-)
sledz 23 | 2,250
19 Nov 2007 #75
Starbucks is like the McDonalds of coffee...there everywhere
King Sobieski 2 | 716
19 Nov 2007 #76
so free world too bad that I am in Poland and can not have fun drinking my starbucks coffee

yeah, but why travel and see different things in the world if all you want are creature comforts?

starbucks is the local over the overpriced corporation.
Zeze 9 | 79
20 Nov 2007 #77
i still want my coffea with a smile and starbucks get you
here in poland at ther coffea houses all you get is **** coffea and rude people behide the counter they make 1500 per month so they dont care to be nice if starbucks come here they will make sure that the staff is nice .

I want sugar with that please
Daisy 3 | 1,227
20 Nov 2007 #78
rude people behide the counter

behaviour breeds behaviour
Zeze 9 | 79
20 Nov 2007 #79
all i said is please can I have a cafe latte !!!
Buddy 7 | 167
20 Nov 2007 #80
Maybe I could shed some light on why in Starbucks seems to be everywhere in the Uk and have as yet not overrun Poland. When the coffee scene took off in the Uk Starbucks operated a policy of "clustering". What this means is that they placed lots of Starbucks in one area so as to drive out the competition. If I remember correctly there is a book by a Canadian academic called "No Logo" and this book illustrates exactly how Starbucks operates. The reason I'm using the Uk as my example is I've not been to th States though I assume it is the same there.

I would have thought Starbucks would appeal to the young and well of, thus only the major cities would be able to support such an establishment.

My first coffee experience was appalling my girlfriend was shopping in our local town, it was winter and I was freezing so I headed to the only establishment which I could see served coffee. The coffee was served boiling hot in a glass, with no handle. The result was I couldn't even pick up the damn cup for about 10 minutes. When eventually I did the experienc was less than pleasant especially since the coffee grains remained in the glass. When I met up wit my girlfriend and related the experience, she couldn't stop laughing as I had been sitting in the equivelant of a soup-kitchen for the very poor and homeless. duh!!!
King Sobieski 2 | 716
20 Nov 2007 #81
yeah, i was in scotland when coffee became big way back in 2000 and the starbucks corporation was known for not waiting for council approval to set up shop in buildings.
Baska1971 - | 1
22 Apr 2008 #82
I'm Polish and live in U.S. Personally, I like Starbucks. But everyone has a different taste, right? I left Poland in 1994 and don't remember any coffee chains though local coffee shops served good coffee. Last time when I was there I drank Lavazza and that's a good coffee. I've traveled quite a bit in Europe and loved coffee in Belgium and France.
dcchris 8 | 432
22 Apr 2008 #83
Keep that crap out of Poland I think and let them take the crap McDs, KFC, and missles with them too.
22 Apr 2008 #84
too late - they're opening up in Krakow soon, apparently.
22 Apr 2008 #85
they're opening up in Krakow soon

the HAND!
22 Apr 2008 #86
I've never had a decent coffee at Starbucks. They should be sued for the rubish they have the cheek to serve up as coffee ! And then more cheek charging for it lol......but they do give away free used coffee to put in your garden as a fertiliser lol. I got some because it's good for stopping slugs crawling round. The slugs can't stand their coffee either hahaha <true>.

I can think of two much better coffee shops and they are expading rapidly <thankfully>

expanding even lol
23 Apr 2008 #87
Costa is already in Warsaw....
23 Apr 2008 #88
I think the Hard Rock Cafe has leased the ground floor space right next to the Kosciol Mariacki on the Rynek in Krakow too - a couple of meters from the ancient graveyard. Classy.
the HAND!
23 Apr 2008 #89
Costa is already in Warsaw....

That's good to hear. We will be able to get a decent cup of coffee when we visit later this year ;-)
osiol 55 | 3,922
7 Oct 2008 #90
Has Starbucks reached Poland yet?

Are they throwing your perfectly good (allegedly) drinking water straight down the drain?

Allegedly or not quite so allegedly?

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