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Is September good for going to Poland?

Vivi 1 | 4
2 May 2010 #1
Hi everybody, Im planning to go to Poland on my following vacations, that could be on september or december,im thinking about going to Warsaw and Cracovia... so about the weather is it september still a good time to go over there?, any suggestions?

Thanks a lot
regards from Mexico :)
1jola 14 | 1,879
2 May 2010 #2
It will be still sunny and warm or cold and rainny depending on the weather.

I hope that helps you big time.
agatka_ - | 6
2 May 2010 #3
i think that september will be better then december...
the weather in september should be better to visit Poland for you...
OP Vivi 1 | 4
2 May 2010 #4
thanks a lot the thing is that on december i might have more time than on september but i was kinda worried about the low temperatures on december...
Seanus 15 | 19,706
2 May 2010 #5
That's when I went in 2004. It isn't the best time but I enjoyed it as it was getting a bit cold and I always saw Poland as more of a cold country. It's the thrill of being there for the first time. That applies to any new place :)
internaldialog 4 | 145
2 May 2010 #6
September is moderately warm still i went walking with no coat and wore sleeveless tops whilst i was there during September ;)
December is how can i put it rather colder ... if you want to experience a winter then yes go by all means but pack some thermals lolz when i experienced the winter it was minus 12 during the day and colder at night and plenty of SNOW ;)

But enjoy the experience either way!
agatka_ - | 6
2 May 2010 #7
december is not good... believe me:)
but my opinion is maybe not objective cause I hate winter
scottie1113 7 | 898
3 May 2010 #8
Weather is what it is. There is no bad weather, just bad clothes. Dress for the season and you'll be fine. But if weather is a deciding factor for you, come in September when it can still be "nice". December will be cold. So what?
Kamil_pl - | 59
4 May 2010 #9
First half of September is usually still warm like August. Then around 20th you have to turn on heating at night. In December it's dark 16 hours a day :|
OP Vivi 1 | 4
7 May 2010 #10
Thanks all of you for your suggestions, Im gonna do it on december so i can spend more time over there..and about the weather i think ill have plenty of sun all of these months we are havin almost 30 degrees at maybe a bit...of snow wont be bad ;)
1jola 14 | 1,879
7 May 2010 #11
I hope you enjoy sitting in pubs all day because that is what is on the menu in December. There might be snow then, but most likely it will be dirty slush. Our mood goes down but it will be interesting when you later post how dreary Poland is.

It will be an expensive mistake given you have a choice to come in September.

regards from Mexico :)

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo, btw. Bet you didn't know that the holiday was established after the national tragedy some time ago. The Mexicans, being true lovers of Hellman's mayonaise, were so distraught after the sinking of a whole freighter of mayonaise heading for Mexico on the 5th of May that they established this holiday. I bet you learned something different in school, but now you know the real story. :)
Trevek 26 | 1,702
7 May 2010 #12
Good time. usually still warm and, best of all, the kids are back in school.
OP Vivi 1 | 4
8 May 2010 #13
Our mood goes down but it will be interesting when you later post how dreary Poland is.

come on! Seriously? mmm... ok i guess i have joy to give and share ;)

Btw, about the Cinco de Mayo i have never heard before about the mayoneise story, haha anyway thanks for the story it you must've seen my face when a read it lol
Zbyszko 1 | 25
8 May 2010 #14
Thanks all of you for your suggestions, Im gonna do it on december so i can spend more time over there..

If this year's winter will be anything like last you might be staying there longer than planned!! Brrrr! I'm going for Aug-Oct time frame and plan on getting out of there before the colds arrive...I'm just too much used to wearing shorts all year around.
1jola 14 | 1,879
8 May 2010 #15
It's a joke Vivi, but now you can amuse your friends. But seriously, September is a much better time to visit Poland. There is a good chance of pleasant weather which means you can actually see something without rushing between indoor events. Either way, you'll have a good time.

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