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Ryanair flying domestic in Poland?

sobieski 106 | 2,118
28 Nov 2013 #1
Did somebody here already fly with Ryanair on domestic routes in Poland. Supposedly they fly from Warsaw to Wrocław and Gdańsk. But I was looking for tickets, and whatever date I filled in, nothing came up.
antheads 13 | 355
28 Nov 2013 #2
they are only starting from march 2014 sobieski.
OP sobieski 106 | 2,118
28 Nov 2013 #3
Ah, thanks a lot for the information :)

Also after March there are no Ryanair domestic flights available...I wonder if they exist somehow?
10 Dec 2013 #4
I'm looking at the Ryanair site now: flights start on 2 April. The bad news is that if you want to take a checked in bag, it's cheaper to fly LOT to Wroclaw and can be substantially cheaper to fly LOT to Gdansk (e.g. flying W-wa to Gdansk 9 May and back 12 May, Ryan Air with checked bag is 540zl, LOT is 370zl). And that's before you factor in the extra cost of the taxi to Modlin (i.e. at least 70zl each way) or that you can get a 5% discount on LOT by paying with PayPal.
OP sobieski 106 | 2,118
10 Dec 2013 #5
Yeap, that's what I also figured out. We are still figuring out though if we could manage to go on a weekend trip with only hand luggage :). And yes Modlin by taxi is an extra factor (unless we trust one of the daughters with the family car, I think the answer is a very big no :)

Too bad it is six hours by train - although when you see IC tickets Warsaw-Wrocław...not cheap either. Now I understand why Wroc doesn't come to Warsaw to buy his Cheddar :)
10 Dec 2013 #6
We are still figuring out though if we could manage to go on a weekend trip with only hand luggage :)

We were going to go to Budapest for a long weekend with hand luggage only; then I worked out how much I'd need to spend on travel size versions of the 17 liquids/gels (not including lipstick, mascara and lip-liner) the Mrs apparently cannot survive without and realised it was a lot cheaper to just pay for a hold bag.
OP sobieski 106 | 2,118
31 May 2014 #7
Merged: Polish domestic flights with Ryanair

Did anybody already use them? Modlin is not that far from where I live, so we might be tempted to use them for a weekendtrip.
31 May 2014 #8
I checked Ryanair a couple of weeks ago for a flight to Wroclaw: it's still cheaper to go via LOT.
Roger5 1 | 1,449
31 May 2014 #9
I'll be flying with Ryanair from Modlin to Bristol in July with no seat reservation and only a carry on bag. How worried should I be?
31 May 2014 #10
A mate of mine does that flight quite often. He says it's not as good as LOT or BA but decent-ish. The only thing to watch out for is the size and weight of your bag: it MUST not be over any listed dimension or over weight; you'll be badly ripped off if it is. Oh, and you'll also be royally ripped off if you haven't printed your boarding pass.
Roger5 1 | 1,449
31 May 2014 #11
I intend to take every precaution. I read their pilots have to pay for their drinking water. Do they charge for the loo yet?
31 May 2014 #12
They never have charged for using the loo and they never will. That whole story was designed to get them mentioned in the media, which it did, same as that time they said they wanted to have standing room passengers.
jon357 74 | 21,900
31 May 2014 #13
Very sound advice. Worth mentioning that I've done Modlin-Liverpool/Manchester a few times and they haven't checked the bag size. There's always a first time though. Allow plenty of time - the security line and passport control are pretty grim. Also think about reserving a seat.
Roger5 1 | 1,449
31 May 2014 #14
Jon "Also think about reserving a seat."
Why? I've got a ticket, and by sod's law I'm bound to be between the whiffy fat guy and the screming baby even if I pay the extra.
jon357 74 | 21,900
1 Jun 2014 #15
and by sod's law I'm bound to be between the whiffy fat guy and the screming baby even if I pay the extra.

Those flights really do get like a scrum, and Mr Creosote and Mother Hubbard don't pay the extra tenner to sit up at the front.
Roger5 1 | 1,449
1 Jun 2014 #16
You talked me into it! 48PLN for a forward aisle seat both ways. Cheers, Jon.
jon357 74 | 21,900
1 Jun 2014 #17
If you've a booked seat, you can check-in online much earlier. Worth it to stay near the front.
JollyRomek 7 | 480
14 Aug 2015 #18
Merged: Ryanair overtakes LOT as number 1 operator in Poland

Polish national carrier LOT has been overtaken by Irish airline Ryanair as number 1 operator in Poland

Irish airline Ryanair has overtaken Polish national carrier LOT in passenger numbers making it the number one carrier operating in Poland.

The European leader in the airline business recorded a growth of 11 percent in seat capacity compared to the same period last year, while LOT reported a decrease of 4.2 percent.

LOT has recently introduced a new expansion program out of their main hub Chopin Airport in Warsaw, adding destinations such as Athens, Barcelona, Nice and even Tokyo. However, now number 1, Ryanair may further invest in Poland to keep its number 1 spot.

bullfrog 6 | 602
14 Aug 2015 #19
and LOT has also just signed a partnership agreement with Turkish Airlines. Not sure exactly at this stage what it means, we will see...
jon357 74 | 21,900
15 Aug 2015 #20
The partnership is nothing new - they've both been in Star Alliance with Lufthansa for a while. It just means that there are code shares and common booking. It actually works quite well and the real winner is Okecie Airport which will get more transfer passengers.

Ryanair are also expanding, though they use Modlin, and Wizzair are currently expanding as fast as their fleet allows - one reason some routes have gone since they have to switch their resources to the most profitable ones. Ryanair has a bigger fleet so are in a position to scoop up some of the routes that Wizzair have abandoned due to lack of planes.
bullfrog 6 | 602
15 Aug 2015 #21
The partnership is nothing new - they've both been in Star Alliance with Lufthansa for a while.

No Jon , this is something new, in addition to their existing agreement. It was announced 2 days ago.
jon357 74 | 21,900
16 Aug 2015 #22
Interesting! This sounds like they're rolling out more code shares and joint sales. Okecie will have to increase the size of the security check at its transfer gate if this is a success; at the moment it's quite small and isn't used much. I have noticed that Emirates/Qantas are routing some transfer passengers through Okecie.

All the better - the Turkish flight IST-WAW is annoying at the moment, changing time according to the day of the week. LOT are also right to get in quick before the new Willi Brandt airport opens - that will be a serious rival. There are more domestic flights within Poland and this could be an advantage too. Ryanair however are at a great disadvantage having Modlin as their hub, despite all the spare capacity there.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
17 Aug 2015 #23
LOT are also right to get in quick before the new Willi Brandt airport opens - that will be a serious rival.

Probably not, actually. Schoenfeld and Tegel combined at the minute have the same amount of passengers as Berlin-Brandenburg can handle, so the airport is already too small. The latest news is that it won't open until 2017 (but 2018 is more realistic), but most people are highly doubtful as to whether it will actually ever open. The corruption on the building site has been unbelievable - the latest story is that they were signing off invoices regardless of whether they were legitimate or not, with numbers of around 66 million Euro to one company alone!

But certainly, this news is very good news for LOT. IST is becoming a bigger and bigger hub, so this means that LOT can offer some very interesting destinations as a result. It's also a sign that LOT and Lufthansa's relationship is breaking up.
jon357 74 | 21,900
17 Aug 2015 #24
IST has massively expanded - to the point now where it's stuffed with people. For the last few years transfers during the summer have been a misery and the crowd surfing to the smoking balcony is sometimes surreal. They're extending it apparently however this will take time and routing more non-connecting flights to Sabha Gokcen across the Bosphorous (this now has a connection to WAW). Meanwhile WAW is well placed to become a mini-hub. Kiev is doing well with this now (the cheapest route WAW-DXB is through Kiev now).

Ryanair will miss a lot, being stuck out at Modlin however it won't be long before they start using that as a micro-hub. And Wizzair could clean up being based at WAW.

For the Ryanair domestic flights, they're in fact missing out on rather a lot, though their share price is still huge (and Wizzair doing pretty well).
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
17 Aug 2015 #25
For the Ryanair domestic flights, they're in fact missing out on rather a lot, though their share price is still huge (and Wizzair doing pretty well).

It seems to me as if LOT and Ryanair between them have more or less decided that Ryanair can mop up the domestic routes while LOT will concentrate on the WAW hub and high yielding flights to places such as Yerevan and Belgrade.

I'm still sorry that I didn't take the chance to fly on a completely ridiculous POZ-WRO connection operated by OLT Express (run by Amber Gold) on a Boeing 737 - tickets were 49zl, but I didn't bother at the time :(
jon357 74 | 21,900
17 Aug 2015 #26
A cheap ticket! Domestic flights are a bargain in Poland - we flew WAW-WRO recently on EuroLOT for much less than the Pendolino. One way that Ryanair benefits is because they've got a much larger and newer fleet than EuroLOT and can be much more flexible with timings and at ditching unprofitable or less profitable routes. If only they weren't based at Modlin :-(
Roger5 1 | 1,449
17 Aug 2015 #27
If only they weren't based at Modlin :-(

Modlin is a godsend for us in Podlasie, the only region in Poland without an airport. Getting to Okęcie from here takes ages.
jon357 74 | 21,900
17 Aug 2015 #28
For me it should be the same - I probably live slightly nearer Modlin than Okecie. One problem is actually from Ryanair's point of view. They can't take advantage of ticket sales for connections because other airlines don't fly there and it isn't set up for transfers - you have to go landside and in again. Plus there's no VIP lounge - something that stymies them a bit for business travel and long connections.

I do use Modlin sometimes (but try to avoid Ryainair). They're actually more expensive sometimes for the north of England than flying down south and travelling up, due to heavy demand.

But yes, there are pluses too, and the number of routes they have is growing. I just dread my employer finding a cheaper route from there :-(
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
20 Aug 2015 #29
I read this with my coffee this a.m.
Something to consider.

Based in Ireland, Rayanair is a favorite budget airline for travelers flying within Europe and for business commutes.
However, similar to many budget airlines, Rayanair manages to cut costs by charging exorbitant amounts for all of its services.
Planning on changing your flight time or date? Checking a bag?
You may as well pay for a second ticket, as Rayanair charges the Earth for any changes after booking confirmation.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
20 Aug 2015 #30
oh yes Ryanair is dreadful, they were even contemplating putting one of those old penny machines on the loo door, only of course it wouldn't have been a penny it would have been a pound/euro...:)

Horrible being babbled at in a language that you suspect is English but you don't get a word of it.
Then struggling down the wet plane steps carrying two small children and bags while the staff stand at the top staring at you blankly.
Then to top it all you find you have been dropped in a disused airbase two hundred klics from your destination..:)

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