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Restaurant reviews in Poland.

Maybe 12 | 409
22 Nov 2010 #1
On Saturday my friends and I visited the Bollywood Indian restaurant in Gdynia.
Great food, great prices and great atmosphere. So anyone in the Tricity who likes Indian food give this place a try. We loved it.

Another member of the site asked me to start a thread on restaurants in Poland.
So please if you have a review of a restuarant please post it here.
(admin, please merge my threads)

I shall kick this off.


Restuarant: Traffik. Co owned by a famous Polish DJ and an equally notorious Polish gangster.
Location. Near the Cinema.
Food: Used to b e good when they had a French chef, now ****. They had the gaul to charge me 2zl for ketchup, greed has got the better of them.

Restaurant: Taj Mahal. The oldest Indian in the Tri-city, great food, expensive and no atmosphere.

I have found a review of a greek restuarant in Gdynia so I have coied it and ut it on this thread:

My missus and I recently went on shopping trip to Gdynia the other week and we found a Greek restaurant called " Santorini" away, have been on holiday in the greek islands this summer we thought why not sample this place. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the food. Now part way through eating my mousaka I bit on something hard.... having fished the offending "thing" out of my food, I discreetly called the waitress over and my missus quietly question what the UFO in my mousaka was. It turn out to be a chip of wood from one of the cooking utensils in the kitchen. Now neither of us wanted to make a fuss, since a) mistakes do happen and b) the food, and atmosphere was very nice. Too our surprise, after profuse apologies they brought us two deserts on the house and when the bill came the didn't charge for the Mousaka. This was service very professional. Actually we felt a little guilty at not being charge for the all the food since the place was agreeable, so we left them a larger than usual tip. Fantastic, so if anyone s in Gydnia and looking for a place to eat, although I'm not AA Gill, I highly recommend it.

It is on the main boulervard, not far from the war memorial and well sign posted.

This thread is only for reviews and comments on reviews. Please remain on topic.
Stu 12 | 522
22 Nov 2010 #2
Eating out in Wroclaw:

1. There is Marché on the corner of Pilsudskiego and Powstańców Śląskich (50% off after 2000 or 2100 - some kind of buffet, but with a difference)

2. There is Spice India on Wita Stwosza
3. There is JaDka on Rzeźnicza
4. There is a nice Italian restaurant on ksiecia Witolda (forgot the name, sorry, could be called Marina)
5. There is Oregano on the corner of Kuznicza and Igielna
6. There is Od Nova on Pawla Wlodkowica (next to the synagogue)
7. And you might want to try Abram's Tower on Krainskiego, a little difficult to find the entrance, but have a look at their website or their facebook-page.


So I just returned from a dinner in Spice India (Wroclaw).

The food was really good this time. Not overly spicy, but nice rounded flavours and a nice hint of heat. My wfe had the chicken pollak (chicken in spinach), I had the lamb in spicy tomato sauce, accompanied with garlic bread and rice with vegetables (peas and carrots).

I had two glasses of Rioja with it, and it kinda matched the food, although if it had been more spicy the wine would have gotten lost.

The waiter was a very friendly guy and I noticed him speaking English in the kitchen.

So this time (the third time) no disappointment. It's a pity they are not more constant in their cooking ... it's a little haphazard, unfortunately.
businessmaninpl 6 | 26
22 Nov 2010 #3

I ate out at "Ristorante Italiano" in the "Galeria Italiana" in the stare miasto this weekend - actually i've been there a few times already :)

The food was great and so was the service. It seems to be a popular place as there are always people there, sometimes there are even lineups to get in.

The owners and cooks are Italians.


We should make this thread a sticky in the Food & Drink section.
22 Nov 2010 #4
I second Abram's Tower. great place, intimate, no riff raff, good food and Fred, the owner, is really laid back, always willing to talk to his guests. there's honestly no place like it in wroclaw.

also, for any football fans out there (NFL i mean....) you can go there to watch NFL games every sunday night.
Stu 12 | 522
22 Nov 2010 #5
@FUZZY ... when was the last time you were at Abram's Tower?

@businessmanpl ... I fully agree. That's why "Maybe" (and I) kind of started this thread. I think it might be very useful for anyone visiting Poland.
OP Maybe 12 | 409
22 Nov 2010 #6
Poland is awash with kebab and pizza palours, however, as Stu said it would be useful to have places reviewed here, the good, the bad and the revolting...

When searching for restaurants online in Poland, in English there is little useful info.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
22 Nov 2010 #7
We loved it.

I liked it aswell ... Infact I tasted Indian cuisine in UK, before that my mom tried it at home, and I helped (online recipes).

These guyz are also doing a good job. You know the owner?
Olaf 6 | 956
22 Nov 2010 #8
There's, and with the magical help of Your Friand Google translator, you can read everything in English. It's the biggest review website of pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes in Poland.
Stu 12 | 522
22 Nov 2010 #9

Wouldn't you agree that nothing beats a personal review of people on PF, though ... ?
Bolle 1 | 147
22 Nov 2010 #10
I second Abram's Tower.

I love this restaurant as well!
OP Maybe 12 | 409
23 Nov 2010 #11
There are Sushi bars springing up everywhere, especially near the malls, they are to my mind conspicuous consumption. I do like sushi and i do eat Sushi, however, one, the sushi bars are not conducive to a sit down meal,a restaurant should be as much about atmosphere as food and two, I find Sushi bars too clinical.

We recently ate at Petit Paris in Sopot, it has a sister Restaurant in Gdynia. Now the over all lay out has potential, though the space is quite high and thus this reduces the intimacy factor. The staff got a 8 out of 10, though the table seemed a touch shabby and I dislike paper napkins.

I also prefer table clothes. If I am dressed for dinner, the table should be too.

The food. GREAT. The menu was well equipped with the usual traditional fares.

We had Fois grais with ( i forget which) chutney, salt and toast. We asked them if we could share the starter since it is rich. The waiter was very obliging and we both received the fois grais very well present on clean white plate (good), it was well presented and excellent, I found the chutney ...well not memorable, however it was tastyl and I think around 35zl so certainly reasonable, to have eaten a whole portion to oneself would have been gluttonous.

For the main we had Steak Frites. Good steaks, cooked as you order are a rarity. To have both good meat (aged meat) and correctly cooked medium-rare is fantastic, the frites were crisp not greasy. Again altogether a well executed meal I forget the exact price but it was under 50zl, I think..for the steak. Desert was a chocolate things, chocolatey. I like chocolate period.

I had one glass of wine the house and it was fine no complaints.

So I will certainly return especially for the Steak frites since I know it can be done well.
We visited during the day so in fairness perhaps in the evening and in candle light it will be more atmospheric.

8/10 :)
malwinaflower 1 | 11
3 Dec 2010 #12
I see that you recommend restaurants not connected to the Polish cuisine.
I think that for foreigners who would like to get accustomed to the Polish culture, Polish cuisine should be essential. I could recommend restaurants such as Chłopskie Jadło, U Babci Maliny or Miód i Malina in Cracow. Every foreigner I have known was delighted with food in those places.

There is definitely too much bars that serve burgers, pizzas, kebabs which may be harmful to real, Polish restaurants.
OP Maybe 12 | 409
3 Dec 2010 #13
Good point, nothing against Polish food i eat it regularly, I have written about non polish places only because as someone living here it is nice to eat other cuisine.
jenna4 - | 3
3 Dec 2010 #14
On Saturday my friends and I visited the Bollywood Indian restaurant in Gdynia.
Great food, great prices and great atmosphere. So anyone in the Tricity who likes Indian food give this place a try. We loved it.
OP Maybe 12 | 409
3 Dec 2010 #15
hurray two good reviews for Bollywood, Gdynia.
scottie1113 7 | 898
3 Dec 2010 #16

Pueblo opened another restaurant here a few months ago (there's already one in Gdynia). It's in the Old Town just minutes from my flat, and since I love Mexican food but haven't been able to find anything halfway decent (El Paso in Oliwa is one example) I had to try it. Very good food, almost-almost-as good as what I was used to in Southern California. I try to go there once a week-it's that good. The pork fajitas, 29zl, are very good. You get a very small dish of chips and salsa, but the salsa is good. The refried beans and rice leave something to be desired, but the guacamole is excellent.

Strangely enough, in a country where pork is so popular, they don't serve carnitas. I'm going to recommend this as an addition to their menu the next time I'm there, which will probably be this weekend.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
4 Dec 2010 #17
U Babci Maliny

Yes this one is quite good however the problem in Krakow is that Polish restaurants are amazingly well decorated and with a great atmosphere however their Polish Cuisine is not great compared to when cooked by the Poles at their home!

Tell me about one single Polish dish which was better prepared and served at a Krakow restaurant than one from a Polish home?

There is no Culinary school in Poland I believe and "Chefs" in Krakow restaurants do not seem inspired by Polish Cuisine, I am even wondering if just anybody can just be hired as a cook at a restaurant serving Polish specialties...

Bars and Pastry shops ( cukernia) are great though...
Stu 12 | 522
4 Dec 2010 #18
There is no Culinary school in Poland I believe

On the contrary ... there should be quite a few. Look for a thread started by "chefneedshelp". He asked whether there was one in Wroclaw, and I gave him the address for that one. If there is one in Wroclaw, then I am sure there are some in the other major cities as well.
1jola 14 | 1,879
4 Dec 2010 #19
There is no Culinary school in Poland

Dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
4 Dec 2010 #20
There is no Culinary school in Poland

Funny that... I just spent last year teaching Culinary English to teachers of English who are teaching English to students in Polish culinary schools... Shame to think it was a waste of their time.
Stu 12 | 522
4 Dec 2010 #21
Dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Well, you are friendly this morning. Got out of bed on the wrong side, did you?
1jola 14 | 1,879
4 Dec 2010 #22
I tell it like it is, in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and there is nothing "unfriendly" about my post.
THE HITMAN - | 236
4 Dec 2010 #23
the Bollywood Indian restaurant in Gdynia.

Got an address for this place ?
An example of menu and prices.

Xmas is coming, so might have to give this place a try.( traditional English curry and lager night )

I,ve done the Taj mahal, and like you said " great food, expensive and no atmosphere".
Stu 12 | 522
4 Dec 2010 #24
I wouldn't bank on it, the Hitman. Open restaurants at X-mas in PL are few and far between (if any).
OP Maybe 12 | 409
4 Dec 2010 #25
Bollywood Lounge - indyjska Restauracja
Gdynia, Skwer Kościuszki
58 380-38-39

I am off to Bollywood tonight with a group of friends, since it is my birthday weekend. We are going to order some platters to share and beers and maybe a Shisha.

I shall report back soon, this is the second time to Bollywood in the last few weeks.
I can't wait :)

Once again Bollywood was great, great food, great atmosphere great party. I am still really hungover.
Cardno85 31 | 976
10 Feb 2011 #26
There are Sushi bars springing up everywhere, especially near the malls, they are to my mind conspicuous consumption.

The problem I find (and I have a friend who owns a sushi place) is that the quality of fish is dubious at best. Kraków is too far away from the coast, fish must be frozen to get there and that immediately takes away flavour.

For good sushi it must be fresh. I only go to one place in Scotland and that was reccommended by a fishmonger because he saw the owners at the fish market and they had been there long before he was.

But back on topic, I had a really good meal with my mum back in November 2009 in L'Apperatif in Mały Rynek in Kraków.

But for decent Polish food, I would go to U Dorota on Ulica Miodowa in Kazimierz. You get great Polish food in there with no pretences, no bookings and no inflated prices.
nickyspaghetti 2 | 14
10 Feb 2011 #27
I have had numerous bad meals out in Wroclaw and only a few have stood out as being good.
Pod gryfami- a bit of a maze in the basement but nice polish food.

Novocaina - food was good, but the service was awful. I was served the wrong pizza. The waiter then spent the evening offering it round to new customers as a 'special offer'. In the end he tried to charge us for two pizzas.

Masala. Only visited once, but it had great food and service, my only issues were that the food is offered at different levels of spiciness, but they just add chopped chillies to make it spicier. This just give a mild curry with pockets of fire.

Agawa in the south park - I enjoyed the food here. Simple italian in a nice atmosphere. Just check that they are not having a party as they won't serve you food if they are.
7 Apr 2011 #28
Hi, I've just moved to Poland. I live in Warsaw and I'm looking for good places where I can order food online. Any tips? I really like polish kitchen and pizza of course;)

pip 10 | 1,659
1 Aug 2011 #29
Warsaw Restaurants.

Polish food:
Siwy Dym on Pulawska- really good.
Lolek in Pole Mokotowskie- great atmosphere, the food comes from the grill, the beer is good and there is a playground for the kids.
Oycowizna- on Sloneczna -near magdalenka. good food, good environment.

Czech: U Szwejka (place konstitucji) and Kompania Piwna(new town). Same owner- both good

Numero Uno in Jozefoslaw. This is a neighbourhood restaurant. The chef was told the secret crust recipe in Australia by an Italian chef. The pizza is super with a thin crust. The antipasti is super.

Casa Mia on Poznanska. I have been going to this place for 9 years and the pizza is still great.

Lebanese- Le Cedre on the Praga side. Owned by Lebanese- great food. I think they opened a second location on the Warsaw side of the Wisla.

I have been to El Greco on Grzybowska. It was packed, the service was slow and it wasn't that good.-
Meltemi- this is a great place. ulica Drawska róg Szczęśliwickiej--close to Blue city.- the food has always been great here.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
1 Aug 2011 #30
Actually I think the expat places in Warsaw are not that good. Very pretentious and prices inflated.

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