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Pre-paid cell phone from Poland for local and international calls?

victor2003 2 | 2
24 Jun 2013 #1
Hi, what is the best sim card to buy for use is poland to make local calls and long distance calls to USA, Italy and Belgium.
peter25 - | 2
24 Jun 2013 #2


I reccomend you to buy Orange POP - good coverage and not expensive.

OP victor2003 2 | 2
29 Jun 2013 #3
Thank you peter, Can I but this in Airport, do they have a Kisok in the Krakaw airport?
kpc21 1 | 763
30 Jun 2013 #4
You can buy it practically in every kiosk with newspapers etc.

I would recommend Play Fresh. The best coverage (own transmitters and the ones of Plus and Orange) and best prices. The only drawback - calls from other networks to Play are quite expensive.
jon357 74 | 22,054
30 Jun 2013 #5
Play Fresh is good, and you can change the tariff online after using their comparison tool to find a real that suits Suite.
peter25 - | 2
1 Jul 2013 #6
KPC21 you are wrong. Play have very good commercial offert but don't have the best coverage (and certainly dont use Orange radio stations - only from Plus).

So, Victor, If you want to have good coverage I reccomend you to buy Orange POP - of course in Kiosk it is avaible :)
kpc21 1 | 763
1 Jul 2013 #7
Initially they used only Plus stations (and own ones), but since 2011 national roaming in Orange is also avaliable. And now they are going to make customers able to use T-Mobile coverage:

Only some Internet packages work only on Play network. But it doesn't consist to all of them.
12 Jul 2016 #8
Merged: Traveling to Poland looking for best cell phone option

I will be staying in Poland for around 10 months and I want to have a phone to be able to communicate with international people that I meet. I currently have an iPhone through verizon here in the US and I am wondering what would be the best option for me? Cancelling my service here and getting a new sim card for my current iPhone? Or getting a new phone in Poland and disregarding my current plan? I am not worried about communicating with people from home as I will have Skype/facetime/imessage. I just need to be able to communicate with other europeans from different areas easily.

Thanks for you help
jon357 74 | 22,054
12 Jul 2016 #9
Is your iPhone locked to a provider? I knows lot of American ones are.
antheads 13 | 355
22 Apr 2018 #10

best phone provider for international calls?

Hi, I will be in poland this summer, and very much looking forward to hooking up with the local'patriots' to arrange a meetup with our forum stallwarts harry and delph, but in the meantime was wondering if there are any phone providers that have cheap internationa rates na karte? I know klucz does but anyothers? Or alternatively do any providers offer bonus credit that can be used for interntional calls/sms

delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
22 Apr 2018 #11
LOL, can't afford to use a mobile phone on roaming like a normal civilised person?
johnny reb 49 | 7,109
22 Apr 2018 #12
Why the insult to someone that wants to meet you in person ?
How rude of you !
Normal civilized people don't spent 4 to 5 zloty per minute on roaming phone calls when they can make the same call for 80% less using a international phone card Silly.

Maybe you could enlighten us on just how much a roaming call per minute would cost someone using their Australian mobile in Poland in real life delph ?

As civilized and wealthy as you are though it most likely would be no big deal for you to spend your weeks paycheck on an hour (six ten minute) of roaming calls.

if there are any phone providers that have cheap internationa rates

If you have a mobile that is unlock it may be to your advantage to buy a Polish sim card and switch it with the one you have in your phone now.

It would give you a local Polish phone number to avoid roaming charges on top of international charges.
That or buy a cheap burner cell phone when you get to Poland.
Doesn't Poland sell international phone cards that give you cheap rates or is that your original question ?

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