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How much PLN to take with me on my trip to Poland, Wroclaw?

moneymad 3 | 29
12 Jul 2010 #1
Hi guys,

My first thread and post.

Seeing as the average wage in Poland is considered to be 2500 Zloty, how much is needed to stay for 1 month or more?

I've heard stories of 200 zloty per day but this appears extreme to me.

I'm heading for Wroclaw but will be staying in a small town nearby to visit friends.

Either staying with host family or rent a flat 1 month in small town.

Don't smoke, not a 'big spender'.

Insurance/transport to and from Poland aside, how much would be ample as a rough guide given my vague post?

I have £2000 in a E-ISA in addition to £1000 in my graduate account.

My job contract is coming to an end and see this as my last chance to visit before I aim for a long term job/career.
jonni 16 | 2,485
12 Jul 2010 #2
200 zloty per day

Budget for around that if you include accommodation and want to travel or go out at night. You can spend less if you shop for food carefully, but the 2500 average is misleading, especially for cities. You won't need insurance if you are a UK resident - look at the NHS website.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
12 Jul 2010 #3
Depends how good you negotiate for your accommodation. And what you can find.
12 Jul 2010 #4
i travel to Europe from US every 6 months or so and sometimes i do stay for a month or two, you have mentioned that you are not a big spender than an average of 200 zloty is severe, however if you will not cook, will need to pay for buses and restaurants and sightseeing the the average 200 zloty could be not enough. I usually take $3000 with me in cash and it lasts me about 4 weeks, but that is with going out for occational drink and restaurant almost everyday.. hope i could help
Wroclaw Boy
12 Jul 2010 #5
Ohh the days of 2000 PLN being your biggest problem.
OP moneymad 3 | 29
13 Jul 2010 #6
I will not be doing much sight-seeing/buses etc. More of a 'stay' in a small town.

I managed on £1000 for 2 months last time. Just wondering how times may have changed since 2 years ago.

After all, TEFL teachers have to manage on 3000 zloty roughly per month. (According to some people anyway).

I will be cooking mostly by the way. However, I will not be living like a monk for the whole month :)

I have done some reading about this on the net but I love fresh opinions.

I know a Polish family who have to live on 2200pln per month. Grim lifestyle I have to say, with 1 kid too.

Live rates at 2010.07.12 22:22:00 UTC
100.00 GBP = 485.786 PLN
United Kingdom Pounds Poland Zlotych
1 GBP = 4.85786 PLN 1 PLN = 0.205852 GBP

These are the relatively current rates anyway.

I remember when it was 5.5PLN to 1 pound sterling.
polishcanuck 7 | 462
13 Jul 2010 #7
Instead of taking cash with you, why not just ask your bank to wave the $5 transaction fee for a month so you can just use your bank card to withdraw money as you need it. I do it every time i go to PL - very convenient and safe.

200zl is probably a good estimate but it depends on a lot of things. Give us more info.
OP moneymad 3 | 29
13 Jul 2010 #8
It is £2 to use my maestro debit card for every transaction, no matter how much the withdrawal.

This is fine considering the safety measures.

Money wise it will be like this:

1. Most likely staying for 8 weeks, either rent free with host family or paying for own flat (in a small town, not sure how much) (If with host family I will obviously offer something)

2. certainly no hotels, hardly touring, no big purchases, just the odd restaurant (middle of the road estaurant not top of the range)

3. Entertainment? Pubs, swimming, fishing.

4. Food = mostly eat in.

5. I plan on budgeting my time there. Best way to go would be to hold say 100 PLN note or less and plan not to spenmd more than that for the day.

6. Guess you can put in train fares too/or PKS coach trip.

Been 2 years so can't think much more at this point. However, I do know how quickly the money goes if you are not careful, like anywhere I guess.

The costs of wizz air flight/national express to Luton is a given.

Oh, I will not forget my Polish phrase book/dictionary either lol Life saver.
shelly19 - | 3
21 Sep 2011 #9
hi i am going to starogard gdanski poland in 3weeks time for 6days and i want to do some shopping not big just a few things for my baby and myself would 1000PLN be good ? and would 700PLN be ok if i want to drink or take a taxi to Nowy Dwór Gdański...
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
21 Sep 2011 #10
If you want to enjoy yourself for 1 month in Poland 2500 zl seems a bit tight, 4500 zl for 1 month at a small town should be ok.

Depends on your accommodation cost really.

What's the name of the small town you ll be staying in? You can already start checking the rental fees for 1 month .

Remember we usually spend more when on holiday than at work!

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