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Pet Insurance in Poland

simpix 6 | 27
21 Aug 2013 #1
Can anyone offer any advice about insuring a dog in Poland for Vet's fees?
Coming from England it was always a necessity due to the high cost of Vet's bills there but I am unable to find anything similar here in Poland.

All help/advice much appreciated.....
21 Aug 2013 #2
Hmmm interesting question, it's for sure possible to insure yourself from the civil responsibility for the damage caused by the dog, but I've never heard about insurance for the dog, you should contact with some big insurance companies like PZU, Warta, Allianz, Uniqua or some others, but Vet's services aren't extremally expenssive so I'm not sure if it's worth, but you should check the offers.
21 Aug 2013 #3
I'm not sure it's offered in Poland. I heard that PZU offered it in the past but they don't anymore. If you find any, please let me know.

On the plus side, vets' bills are much lower in Poland than UK. This week one of my cats had an infection: 50 for initial diagnosis and first injections, 30zl for each injection of antibiotics after that.
johnb121 4 | 183
21 Aug 2013 #4
yes, never forget that the insurer is gambling that they will take in more than they pay out, and price to maKe sure that's what happens!

We have two dogs and three cats and just pay the bills wilth the vet as they arise
smurf 39 | 1949
21 Aug 2013 #5
I don't understand how some people cannot use google properly.

Pet insurance:


Or else just google this:

ubezpieczenia dla zwierzÄ…t
OP simpix 6 | 27
21 Aug 2013 #6
Thankyou for your replies.....
Smurf...if you're suggesting I don't/can't/won't use Google or don't know how're wrong.
I've done extensive research and the only company that offered Pet Insurance for vet's fees was PZU but they don't anymore.
There are companies that offer cover for public liability, ie if your dog attacks someone in the street, or if the owner is sick and there is no-one to look after the animal.

I am looking for insurance to cover the vet's bills if the dog is sick.
In the UK, it is common to buy such insurance, and there is a lot of choice.
I appreciate that Vet's fees in Poland are cheaper than the UK but then again, the wages earned here in Poland (to pay such fees) are a lot less as well.

If anyone else has any further thoughts it would be great to hear them.....
smurf 39 | 1949
22 Aug 2013 #7
if you're suggesting I don't/can't/won't use Google or don't know how to

Translated from the 2nd link:
In Poland, pet insurance offer include: PZU, Warta, Generali and Allianz. Proposals for these insurance companies are different, but most proposals are insurance pet insurance funds flats and houses. (google translate admittedly)

Insurance companies will insure pretty much anything you want, call them.

Have a great day :)

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