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Parking problems in Poland - no stopping signs

krecik89 3 | 60
29 May 2014 #1
There are no-stopping signs in Poland but I don't think there are enough. In Warsaw there are many streets connecting major roads which should be clear but there are parked cars there blocking e.g. filter lanes and they never seem to get ticketed. Sometimes it is ridiculous how they block routes and cause tailbacks. In the UK or US they would get an earful and a honk of the horn but here people seem not to be bothered. In any event in London they'd probably get towed within 30 minutes, if they're in a no-stopping area. One day in a street in my area there were 50 cars parked along the street and around 30 got tickets. This leads me to believe that there isn't much parking enforcement if 30 people thought they could get away with not paying. These were the ones in the marked out parking area. However the cars parked half on the street blocking the 2nd land on the opposite side but not in a marked out parking area didn't get any fines. This is a street connecting 2 major dual carriageways and it seems to be marked out as a 2 lane street but is never used in that way due to the parking situation. Sometimes there's a marked out paid parking area but people park just outside this on the pavement blocking pedestrians and don't get a ticket. This is seems stupid. I think there'd be a much better flow of traffic if there were clearer rules for parking and more enforcement.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
29 May 2014 #2
Where I work the city guards and the traffic wardens are infuriatingly efficient and keen as mustard. I have twice been called in for a stand up interview for parking (a couple of centimetres) over the 1.5m line. I would have been happier to get a 50PLN ticket, but they use the embuggerance factor and make you waste time going to their office. I have to say it works. Now I park like a German.

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