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Open Markets in Poland to buy stuff - where are they?

ATKworks 3 | 5
30 Jul 2012 #1
What are some good open markets??

I would like to buy things like:
fresh eggs
fresh milk
home decor

I know Poland is a word of mouth country... so where are these little gems hidden?
Kowalski 7 | 621
30 Jul 2012 #2
what city are you in?
OP ATKworks 3 | 5
30 Jul 2012 #3
Warsaw. I would like one with fair prices since I am living on budget.
pip 10 | 1,661
30 Jul 2012 #4
kolo market- google that- there is loads of furniture and antiques- get there early.

there is one in Ursynow- I think the street is Belgradzka and is on KEN- don't remember the cross street name but there is metro access. There is one at Sadyba next to Sadyba Best Mall.

There is another on Domaniewska and Pulawska- also on the metro line as well as tram line.
Hala Mirowska- in centrum

This is a start- what area of the city would you prefer? Maybe I can be of more help.
OP ATKworks 3 | 5
30 Jul 2012 #5
I live in Centrum, right by DH Smyk. So the closer the better -- but I do have easy access to a lot of Warsaw.

Thank you so much for your help :)
30 Jul 2012 #6
fresh eggs
fresh milk

Hala Mirowska is your best bet for all that (it's on Jana Pawla, not far from the corner with Solidarnosci, all the best stalls are not in the main buildings but down the side and between the two main buildings).
OP ATKworks 3 | 5
30 Jul 2012 #7
I just came back from Hala Mirowska -- it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you!!!
30 Jul 2012 #8
Glad you liked it. A tip is to go there in the morning, the choice is better before noon.
12 Oct 2013 #9
Merged: Are there any open air markets in Rzeszow?

Hello people from Rzeszów. I would like an info. Are there any open air markets in Rzeszów? Im interested in second hand articles and stuff kind of markets. Can anyone give me that info? Im new in the city :) Thank you all
Dziadostwo - | 5
13 Oct 2013 #10
I'm not sure if there is one in Rzesow but there is a great one close by (15 minute drive) in £ancut. I believe it takes place during the day on weekends. It's somewhere in or around £ancut's old town.. I would suggest asking some of the local businesses to direct you toward the "bazaar".

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