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Where do you want to open international traveler's guest house in Poland?

21 Jan 2011 #1
You like traveling and want to meet international travelers who from all over the world.
But you want to settle in Poland as a owner of guest house.
In this case, if you want to open some guest house in Poland,
where do you want to open?
Looker - | 1,114
26 Dec 2014 #2
The most popular Polish cities of choice for foreign tourists are:
1. Krakow,
2. Warsaw,
3. Gdansk,
4. Swinoujscie


Among the foreigners absolute leader and the Polish city first choice turned out to be Krakow - in finding accommodation in the capital of Malopolska were mostly interested Italians, Germans and Spaniards.

On the second place is shown Warsaw, in which requests for accommodation was about 34% less, and most often chose by the Germans, Italians and Swedes.

The third direction of the most popular city among foreign users of trivago Europe turned out to be Gdańsk - the most popular by the Germans, Finns and Swedes. Accommodation in this city sought 20% people less than in Warsaw and 48% less than in Krakow.

sobieski 107 | 2,128
26 Dec 2014 #3
4. Swinoujscie

Beats me why anybody would like to go there.... And where is Wrocław in that list?
pigsy 7 | 305
26 Dec 2014 #4
i would prefer zakopanne which attracts tourists in summer and winter and usually tourists are in a mood to spend,and one can live off internet booking portals and walk ins.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
26 Dec 2014 #5
i would prefer zakopanne

The biggest tourist trap in Poland if you ask me.
pigsy 7 | 305
26 Dec 2014 #6
I replied as business point of view.
johnny reb 32 | 6,801
26 Dec 2014 #7
One of the best idea's I have seen yet on the P.F. to employ locals.
Start out with one and slowly build a National chain of them throughout Poland.
I will be travelling alone when I come to Poland next year for thirty days and want
to pack as much as I can in that short time.
How nice to have someone waiting at the airport to escort/guide me to
a first class International Guest House safely and affordable.
Once there be able to hire a person to take me around Poland to site see.
This would save me both time and money plus feel safe with a guide who
is employeed by the Guest House.
In doing so the local guides know the best restaurants, the most economical
way to travel, short cuts, explain the laws, train schedules and the know how, night
clubs or just a local watering hole to spend your money at and meet local people.
The guides would be bi lingual in different languages for different countries.
The key here is to have VERY HONEST guides that show 100% respect no
matter how embarrassing their cliets may be.
Word of mouth is your best advertising and satisfied customers don't mind
tipping someone that goes out of their way to make a vacation a pleasant one.
Prerequisites for a guide would be at least 25 years old, very fit, bi-lingual, excellent
knowledge of the local area, be honest and have a perpetual smile.
And after touring say Krakow take their client to the next Guest House say in
Gdansk to introduce them to their next guide.
This would be the ticket for older people and remember, the older people usually
have nothing else to spend their social security or pension check on. $$$$$
A good website would have you swamped with customers.
Sign me up.

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