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New Year in Tricity, Poland

Firestorm 6 | 400
16 Nov 2007 #1
I Will be in Gdansk. Sopot For New year.
And i wonder if anyone knows any Great places to Eat/Drink.?
Or Places to Be. On New years eve. :))

Also. If anyone else will be there. And Fancies a Drink.. :)
hello 22 | 891
16 Nov 2007 #2
Rynek in Gdansk? If you are in a Polish city (any) and don't know what to do or where to find something, you can always go to "rynek" (the main market sqare) to find what you're looking for :)
17 Nov 2007 #3
Go to Gdynia, close by. Gdynia is the best and if you go to Skwer Kosciuszki you can eat at different places, different foods, play and dance at different places....I was just there this summer....I love Gdynia
dasla - | 52
17 Nov 2007 #4
go to roosters good food and lovely girls to waiter on you, he he lovely red shorts.
and then just go up the stairs out side to the spatifs (cant remember the spelling) club it's small and friendly.
OP Firestorm 6 | 400
17 Nov 2007 #5
0oo :))

Thanks guys :))

<--- Making a list. LOL

Though im not sure the person im meeting.
Will appreciate me Eying up Hot Polish women in tight red shorts dasla.. LOL

But thx for the Tip :)))
Mr_Bruxelles 2 | 12
11 Dec 2011 #6
Merged: Where to party for New Years Eve In The Tricity area?

I have been to Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Rumia and the Kashubian region before, So I kind of know my way around.
Im going back on the 24th of December for 10 days.
My problem is tht the friend where I normally stay at will not be home till the 29th so Ill be on my own, I booked a hostel in Gdansk for 5 nights, I hope I will find some shops open on the 24th so i can eat and drink at the hostel....?

My friend can not come and party on new year's eve because his wife don't let him... So I am looking for a cool party for New Year's, not techno, hardcore or rock, I hate that, I enjoy Drum n bass, HipHop, Dubstep, funk and reggae.

If You wanna hang out with me, let me know, I speak English, French and some Dutch, but I wanna improve my basic polish.

welshguyinpola 23 | 463
26 May 2013 #7
Merged: New Years eve with a difference - Trojmiasto

Hi everyone, I have been given the task of trying to drum up business for a New Year's Eve party in Sopot Aquapark 2013. It will be a naturist style party with use of the saunas pools and a disco, all naked. If anyone is interested or knows another person who migh be interested, please drop me a PM. The aquapark has agrred to allow this only if we can get 200 people to take part.
The Shadow 3 | 86
26 May 2013 #8
Offer free booze.
Get a sponsor.
Problem solved. Hire security to keep the hundreds out.

Post Facebook photos or it didn't happen.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
26 May 2013 #9
I'd suggest marketing it to the Germans - they would certainly like such a thing!

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