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I travel to Poland for 3 months, but can not find any travel deals

newbe2013 1 | 2
25 May 2011 #1
i need help i am looking to go to Poland in a week, for 3 months but can not find any travel deals if someone can tell me where i can get a cheap round trip deal, maybe on a charter flight or just something cheap under 1000$ that would help out alot thank you.
OP newbe2013 1 | 2
25 May 2011 #3
i did that, its still 1200$, thank you though. :) i was told a charter flight is cheap but i cant find any. dose any one know of such a thing?
mrsn 1 | 9
25 May 2011 #4
Don't know where you live at but there are some Polish Travel Agents that are reasonable. I went for 700 in March 2011. Only thing was I couldn't change my ticketed. The family wanted me to stay longer. Good luck.
jwojcie 2 | 762
25 May 2011 #5
Maybe not a lot helpful, but try firms from Polish Chamber of Tourism. Basically firms that are members of this chamber are supposedly reliable. At least that is theoretical goal of this organization.

Anyway, about PCT

and here, list of members - there are some websites included, so you can find a direct contact and info:
7 Jul 2011 #6
You can also try to contact local incoming tour operators directly like for example polandtraveltours at com
diyya - | 2
30 Jul 2014 #7
Merged: Can anyone recommend a Poznan travel agency as I am planning a central european trip?

any travel agency in poznan that can help me plan my trip around central europe that is affordable.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
30 Jul 2014 #8
If you want to find agency making eurotrip you should go out of Europe.

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