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1 month in Poland - Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow - what to do, eat, see, experience?

21 May 2013 #1
Hello All,

I will be travelling on bicycle in Poland for a month (late May and June 2013) or more. My route includes Poznan, Worclaw, Krakow and smaller towns in between (Gliwice for example). After Krakow I think I will go south to Slovakia. I would like to know in these cities (and between) what should i go see, cool bars, festivals going on, food, nature, etc.

I want to experience Polish culture. Let me know. I'm 28 (actually I'll turn 29 while in Poland) Not looking to get plastered but to have fun and learn about the country. Any advice is appreciated.

(Puerto Rico)
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28 May 2013 #2

look at hose pages, there are some pictures and info about what to see in Wroclaw or Lover Silesia region: - overall info about Wroclaw
airport wroclaw transfer - pictures with short description (click on picture) of company which specialize in transfers in Wroclaw - general info, very popular for tourist

Wroclaw is very friendly for bicycle, we have here many roads with special lanes for bicycles.
Enjoy your trip.
28 May 2013 #3
What can I advice you as a krakauer/biker/hiker?
Nature (and a road to Cracow):
Jurasic upland (Wyżyna Krakowsko-Częstochowska) with a range of Medieval castles called eagle nests (Olsztyn, Bobolice, Mirów, Ogrodzieniec, Korzkiew, Pieskowa Skała, Rudno, Wawel Royal Castle also Tyniec Benedictine Abbey) caves, special mistic landscape, climate, etc. near Cracow (N-W). Excellent for biking! Paved or field roads to choose. Look for trails: szlak orlich gniazd and szlak warowni jurajskich.

Contemporary Cracow consists of 4 main places/cities (and many other incorporated places/villages). Main cities are Medieval town with Old City and Wawel Castle, Kazimierz Town with a Jewish district, Podgórze - XIX era town built by Austrians, Nowa Huta - XX era town built under Russian domination and pressure. They all are easy accesible by a bike, quite different and worth to see.

Wieliczka salt mine near Cracow is one of the most interesting places to see. You can also climb on one of mounds (esp Kościuszko Mound) to see beautiful panoramic view of whole Cracow and, with a little fortune, Carpathian Mountains.

Travel to south:
May be Wieliczka-Dobczyce-Mszana Dolna-Rabka-Jabłonka-Trstena? You can see interesting landscape there: Wieliczka Upland, Dobczyckie Lake, Beskid Wyspowy Mountains, Gorce Mountains, Carpathians, Orawa Valley. Having spare time you could climb on Turbacz in Gorce Mountains. It is popular mountain among bikers accesible also for trekking bikes.
8 Feb 2017 #4

Does anybody know why the excellent fish and chip shop/restaurant in Krakow closed down?

It always seemed busy when I was there and the quality of food was top notch

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