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How can I get a license to be a tour guide in Poland, in a specific language?

sting658 4 | 8
27 Feb 2014 #1
Hello Everyone, Dzien Dobry

I was looking online for any information regarding a certificate for a tour guide in Poland , and I couldn't mange to achieve anything !
Is there somebody who could help me with information how to get a license to be a tour guide in Poland in certain Language !

Thanks in advance,
Kowalski 7 | 621
27 Feb 2014 #2
Some tour guides courses are done and certified by PTTK which has branches in many locations countrywide. You don't need a license to be a tour guide now, that is if you can and want to open your own business and do the tours, no license is required.

I'd suggest you call perhaps some tour guides and get some first hand information.

This is assuming you don't want to take tourists into the mountains or care for school trips...
Uglywoman 3 | 76
27 Feb 2014 #3
Best of luck my friend, remember to wear sunscreen when you are a tour guide because you will be exposed to the sun a lot
OP sting658 4 | 8
1 Mar 2014 #4
Thanks Kowalski,
I think i've read somewhere that to be a tour guide in Poland, you need to be certified by the state, sorry but what PTTK refers to ?

Thanks pretty woman :) I actually worked as a tour guide and a tour leader back home for three years, and I haven't used sunscreen , only sunglasses

Are you a tour guide yourself ?
Kowalski 7 | 621
1 Mar 2014 #5
The license requirement has been dropped in July 2013 and the tour guide is now on the list of "deregulated" professions; all you need now: 18 years or older, at least high school education and clean police record (niekaralność) -according to Tourism Ministry

PTTK is a reputable, established long time ago, huge NGO running also many inexpensive hostels and organizing lots of tours (mainly for domestic tourists):
OP sting658 4 | 8
2 Mar 2014 #6
A 100% full and complete answer, thanks Mr.Kowalski for your time and efforts.

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