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LeCar Poland car rental reviews?

AussieSheila 5 | 75
14 Jul 2011 #1 a car poland .com

Are they legit? they are very cheap compared to brand names (hertz/avis/budget/europcar etc). The insurance excess is rather high (minimum 1500 Euros)
AdamK 5 | 7
1 Aug 2011 #2
I've used LeCar on at least 3-4 occasions. Best prices in Warsaw I've found, customer service excellent, guys who work there are great, and have nothing but great things to say. They did waive my insurance fees as I used a US Mastercard which offers rental car coverage.
24 Feb 2012 #3
Right - they really are cheap, aren't they? I usually use Auto Europe as a medium to get the best possible rate for a rental vehicle wherever it happens to be that I'm travelling. However, this time, I'm only getting an error message from them, saying that no cars are available on the date I'm arriving (Easter Monday), so I cast the net further than usual.

If anyone else has any reports on LeCar, I'd be grateful.
Berlin client - | 1
12 Nov 2014 #4
I had the doubtful pleasure of contacting the Cracow subsidiary of LeCar and hiring a vehicle. The man in charge did not care much for friendly service, even "Thank you" and "Please" in his native language seemed foreign to him. The car was OK, the service more of a socialist quality, very unpleasant. Not recommendable.
16 Feb 2017 #5
I've had very bad experience with this company. They charged me upfront for over the phone transaction, and when I wanted to cancel it, they promised a refund and they didn't refund me for another 4 months. Only after writing few bad reviews they gave me refund, but until now ( its been more that 6 months) they try to scam me using fake letters from lawyer asking for 300 000 UDS fine for giving them bad reviews on Facebook. Does that sound like a legit company?? Please be aware!!!!!!!!
Paladine 3 | 29
16 Feb 2017 #6
I always use Sixt when I need to hire a car - prices are very good and the service is also excellent.
24 Jan 2019 #7
This was 8th time I rented from this company. They were not the best. They charge card immediately. The move the location often. But the price was attractive that's why I kept renting from them. Until October last year (2018). That's when I got a big surprise. When I was giving back the card the guy pointed to something on the rear fender and said that there is something there. I looked and there was nothing. I couldn't see anything. He said again that there is something there. He asked me to move and look under different angle. With light under different angle. What I saw were very tiny circles that you can leave when polishing too hard or polishing with incorrect cloth. I though he was joking. It was ridicules. To make the long story short - I told him what I think about him pointing to invisible damage. He said that he will talk to his boss and will let me know next day what the boss said. No call next day, no email. Nothing. 1 month later charge on my card for over $360. I contacted them a few times. They responded once with "We are checking into this". That's all. I opened a Credit Card dispute case. It is still going on. They emailed some car repair bills from Poland to Visa.

I just don't understand what went wrong with this company. They were always Ok. Not great but Ok. And now this. The strangest thing is - Is this worth to them $360? It just doesn't make sense what they did.

Just wrote this as a warning. Next time they might to make bigger move. Credit card company is trapped in between. I'm not sure what will they do.

Miroslaw B.
Witold W Toronto
17 Sep 2019 #8
I have rented a car from LeCar Poland on numerous occasions. Prices are reasonable, cars are of good quality and service is reliable (vehicle is brought up to the airport on time and return arrangement kept). I would definitely recommend using this car rental company.

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