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Anyone know about the larger Flea Markets in Poland?

ptr31 1 | -
10 Jun 2013 #1

I'll be visiting Lublin and Bialystok on the weekend, and would be interested in any flea markets in either city. I spent the last hour googling and couldn't find much concrete, so any addresses and tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
broga 1 | 5
11 Jun 2013 #2
[Moved from]: Is there a flea market in Poznań?

Is there a proper, any-old-junk, flea market in Poznań? Perhaps on Sundays like in Krakow?

Thanks for any help.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
11 Jun 2013 #3

All you need - it's in Stare Miasto, close to Male Garbary.
beckski 12 | 1,617
12 Jun 2013 #4
Looks like my kind of flea market. Seems to have an array of varied used treasures. Nice size crowd too:)
4 Jul 2013 #5
Merged: Flea markets in Poland - Warsaw, Lublin and neighbourhood

I am going to Poland in late August and early Sept. Can you tell me were the best flea markets are>? I will be in the lublin area but can travel south or to Warsaw. Thanks for any help.
newpip - | 140
4 Jul 2013 #6
Kolo market in Warsaw.

Gdansk has Jarmark Dominikanski--but this is a bit farther. worth the drive though.
Debjanes - | 1
18 Mar 2014 #7
Merged: Anyone know about the larger Polish Flea Markets at all?

Is anybody from Poland who have been to and know / have family or friends that work in the big flea markets over there? Or failing that, any friends from Poland you could tag in this picture on the off chance? Have a few questions I wanted to ask. Thanks
Looker - | 1,126
23 Oct 2014 #8
Below is a decent list of major flea markets in Poland:

Here's another site with Polish biggest Antique Fairs:,168_11393.html

One of the greatest flea market is in Gdansk during "Jarmark Dominikanski" (St. Dominic's Fair) - I'm very surprised that there's no reference about it in above articles. It's 3-week event and takes place every summer.

Gdansk Dominican Fair is the largest and most popular trading open-air event in Poland.

Long-standing tradition and a huge amount of attractions make it the largest event of its kind in Poland and one of the few largest in Europe. In 2013 the Fair was visited by 6.2 million people!

The main attractions of Dominican Fair is a trade offer over 1,000 stands with old artifacts, antiques, art products, handicrafts and regional cultural, artistic events and concerts.


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