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ISIC and travel in Poland

Nightglade 7 | 97
5 Jun 2011 #1
Hi there

I have lived in Poznań since Oct 2010. I study with the O.U long-distance, so I have my student card which I could pay to upgrade to an ISIC (International student identity card) which I did and is valid until the end of this academic year when I have to refresh it.

In Poznań we have this '50%' off discount on MPK travel, making an unlimited travel on trams and buses within my zone only 40.50zł per month. Everytime we've been stopped by a ticket guy I've shown them my discounted card (I have a Komkarta) as well as my student ID and never a problem.. On another company bus (I don't remember which, but for those in Poznań it's the number 04/02/07 you can catch from Ogródy to Batorowo), I also showed my ticket and card, the inspector was curious because he'd never seen it before but allowed it.

Now the thing is, on Friday, my girlfriend (who is Polish and has a polish student card) and I took a train from Poznań to Wrocław to get us a new kitten ( if interested).. on the train, the ticket inspector came and she and my girlfriend (as I don't speak polish very much) had a 2-3 minute discussion.. afterwards, my ticket was stamped and my GF told me "we are lucky" and that my student ID isn't valid here because it needs to be a polish student card, or this card with a polish ID. So on the return trip, we took a different discount thing (not a student one) and we asked the ticket inspector on that train if it was accepted to which he replied also no (but it was a different company)

The question is, I was under the impression that the ISIC was designed to make travel and expenses abroad for students significantly easier, and was as effective as a student id card issued in the host nation... Were the inspectors wrong? Or is there any other kind of card as an O.U student living in Poland, I can get that will give me discounts on train journeys as it does on my tram journeys?

Kind Regards,
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
5 Jun 2011 #2
Alas, it's due to some absurd legislation. While Poznan MPK (or more accurately, Poznan city council) accepts the ISIC card, the railways are covered by a different system, which only allows discounts for students in possession of a valid Polish student ID card. The card your girlfriend has is what they're looking for - the validity is confirmed by little stickers on the back of the card. Nothing else will be accepted - I know a couple of people who have had problems in the past with this.

It's worth pointing out that ISIC discounts on local transport depend very much on the company/local council - what's valid here might not necessarily be valid elsewhere.

(shame I didn't know you were going to Wroclaw on Friday - I'd have sorted you out with a free lift from Wroclaw to Poznan!)
OP Nightglade 7 | 97
5 Jun 2011 #3
Ah okay thank you good sir.

Pity that, though I suppose it's not something that's groundbreaking. We paid 25zł total to get to Wrocław and 45zł to get back (The first train was major budget train without carriages, and ended up with a window seat where the sun was pounding on us - and this all after a 3 mile walk in t-shirt and jeans!) But the train on the way back was quite nice, seperate carriages, and apart from one old man getting into our carriage, it was a nice peaceful trip back.

I suppose I don't really use ISIC much here, the only thing I've used it for is MPK. Mind, the 15% off from Pizza hut is tempting ;)
Sidharth Gupta
26 May 2014 #4
Wow, just bought an ISIC Card. Will be put up in Krakow (IAESTE AGH). What do you reckon is the use of the card ? The card states that college is not AGH, but India.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 May 2014 #5
here you have explained: In Kraków if you're below 26 you can buy student's ticket with this card.
kpc21 1 | 763
26 May 2014 #6
It is not exactly so. The regulations on the discounts in public transport in Poland are inconsistent. The legal act of higher order (an act stated by the parliament) says that all the university students up to 26 years old are entitled to 51% discount. It is not specified that foreign students are excluded from this right. On the other hand, an act of lower order, stated by the Ministry, whose purpose is to specify documents confirming the entitlement to these discounts, specifies as such documents:

* for students in general - a student ID issued by a Polish higher school
* for Polish students studying abroad - a student ID issued by a Polish higher school or the ISIC card with an identity document allowing to confirm the identity and the age

So it in fact limits the rights given by an act of higher order.

I am not a lawyer, but for sure something is wrong with this.
AlexPilk 2 | 2
18 Sep 2014 #7
Merged: Will ISIC give me any discounts on Poland's transport like buses and trains?

I am a citizen of Ukraine, currently studying in a polish technikum. Will ISIC give me any discounts on transport like buses and trains? Or is it possible for polish citizens only?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
18 Sep 2014 #8

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