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Travel insurance from Poland to abroad?

hannemat 1 | -
7 May 2010 #1

Does anybody know an insurance company (preferably international) which provides travel insurances? I am living in Poland so if I buy an insurance from my home country it is not valid because the trip starts from Poland and not from my home country. I am going to USA. So is there any possibilities?

Thank you for possible tips :)

nierozumiem 9 | 118
7 May 2010 #2
I use Hestia for trips to the US. I believe that they do require that you are a resident in Poland to apply, so you may need to show proof of zameldowania.
HealthInsurance - | 3
7 May 2010 #3

We can help you. We provide international health insurances, valid in most countries, covered by biggest insurance companies (ie Allianz).
For a quote, just drop us a mail.

1 Aug 2012 #4
I need travel insurance for my 55 year old friend in Poland travelling to Australia for 26 days and then back to Poland. Departure date from Wroclaw is 6th September 2012, returning 2nd October 2012

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