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Poland Honeymoon - Ideas?

Vincent_L 5 | 2
18 Oct 2016 #1

In July, I'll be getting married in Bydgoszcz.

I'd like to have my honeymoon right after - can anyone recommend any honeymoon locations to me?
Luke84 7 | 114
20 Oct 2016 #2
Hi Vinc,

Congratulations :)

This will solely depends on your favorite activities, do you (and your wife) like to visit places, walk or perhaps seat on the beach in sun.

Honeymoon, usually but not for everyone is pictured as people enjoying sun on the beach, this is the image created by movies, books etc, I gather you want to stay in Poland for that period, if so take a look at reasonable quiet and clean places like Ustka, have been there this year and I can really recommend it, you can relax in this place and eat very nice fish everyday... the only downside I can think of is a number of people you will be seeing every day (this is July, I have been there is September and beaches were still occupied).

If however your honeymoon doesn't need to be in Poland I would recommend places like Maldives, Seychelles islands, Thailand, Bahamas, etc depends strictly on your budget but I believe now you can pick some good deals, if you will have any questions feel free to contact me.
Marsupial - | 877
20 Oct 2016 #3
On our honeymoon we did not leave the hotel room. Lol. But yeah depends on your stamina.

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