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Is there a good ski resort in Poland?

Varsovian 92 | 634
23 Nov 2006 #1
You know, one where they groom the pistes and where there are plenty of good quality runs serviced by swift, efficient lifts without any waiting involved?
23 Nov 2006 #2
Here are a couple of the bigger locations that I know of in the Karkonoske..Cosest airports are Prague and Wroclaw.

Karpacz (ca. 5,000 inhabitants) is a picturesquely situated town at the foot of Mt. Sniezka. About 17 km. from Jelenia Gora it is a tourist and winter sports center and a perfect spa in the Sudety mountains

At the foot of Mt. Szrenica (1,382 m), facing the E14 international highway with the Polish-Czechoslovak frontier crossing is Szklarska Poreba (ca. 8,000 inhabitants,) a town situated in the eastern Karkonosze Range. It is the largest rest and tourist center of the area, well-known for winter sports.

From here you can also hop across to Czech republic (which I have to say are much better organised.The best 2 I know of are at Harachov and Liberec
rapid 25
28 Mar 2007 #3
[Moved from]: any ski schools in Poland?

Hi: I am thinking about visiting my native Poland next year and wonder if there are ski schools up there, particularly close to Wroclaw. Is there any skiing/snowboarding in Szklarska Poreba or Karpacz any more? If not there, where else? I am a certified AASI snowboard instructor and think someone up there could use me to teach in English...

31 Mar 2007 #4
Many private ski schools (in Tatry mountains area mostly), also in Karpacz too.
db1874 7 | 227
11 Jan 2008 #5
[Moved from]: Ski Resorts in Poland

Do any ski resorts in Poland have modern 4/6 man lifts? I've been to Szczyrk before skiing, a great mountain to ski down but awful lifts for getting up !
Polson 5 | 1,771
11 Jan 2008 #6
I guess Zakopane is good ;) I spent last year's Christmas and New Year's Eve there :)
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
11 Jan 2008 #7
Zakopane has and the only other place in PL that I've been boarding is in hte Czarna Gora and they had a 3 person I believe. Just came back fromk the Czech Republic and they have resorts with quads and Gondolas.
db1874 7 | 227
11 Jan 2008 #8
Which part of Zakopane though, I've been to Nosal but I hear there are much better areas in Zakopane for skiing ?

Just came back from the Czech Republic and they have resorts with quads and Gondolas.

What was the name of the resort ?
11 Jan 2008 #9
you can check them for yourself here:

just click on the picture and it will take you to the homepage
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
11 Jan 2008 #10
Janske Lasne Not too big, but it's good fun. You can also try Herlikovice. They have good tree runs, but also pretty small (for me anyway).
Jaygirl - | 3
13 Jan 2009 #11
Hi, we were in Zakopane (Nosal) last year and were really pleased with it but we are beginners and havn't had a lot of experience. We were in a couple of other resorts before in Austria and Bulgaria and I must say that I enjoyed Zakopane the most out of all my trips. We went in February and found the snow brilliant. It's a bit dead at night although there are a few clubs. Food is excellent. The Polish people are just the nicest people on earth - polite, kind and very helpful. We did try to say a few words in Polish but were absolutely useless and everyone overlooked this and did their best to speak English to us.

Everyone has different standards and it depends on what you are looking for. We look for simple things, good food, good slopes for beginners, good accommodation. If you want a bit more exciting skiing there are better slopes in the Tatry mountains. We had a taxi trip (which cost about £25 each way) to the higher slopes and found a blue run which scared the wits out of us but was well worth the bother. There are also black runs there. We loved it so much, we're off again, this time to Szczyrk, where we've been told the slopes are better than Zakopane. Hopefully they are. Good luck.
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
13 Jan 2009 #12
I went to zakopane for skiing about 2 years ago and I must say I havent been back since (at least for skiing). Now we go to austria or France which far outshines Zakopane. In Z they dont maintain the slopes and they end up full of holes.The time I was there the ski lift also broke down for a day and it was diff to get a refund on my ski pass for that day.
pawian 170 | 11,462
17 Aug 2019 #13
which far outshines Zakopane

Zakopane offers good facilities and great views but is tragically congested. I would recommend looking for less popular places.

This article below recommends other places:,newsy,6198.html

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