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Good automatic car rentals in Poland?

kskasia 5 | 4
12 Aug 2010 #1
I am looking to rent a car in Krakow and drop it off in Warsaw.
I would want it to be an automatic transmission.

Anyone know of good one that doesn't charge and arm and a leg to rent?


19 May 2013 #2
Well, you posted this almost three years ago - did you come up with a good solution? I am looking for an answer to the exact problem that you had, needing an automatic to pick-up in Krakow and drop-off in Warsaw.

TimmyD - | 2
19 May 2013 #3
[Moved from]: Automatic Gear Cheap Rental Cars in Poland

Can anyone recommend how to rent an automatic transmission car in Poland? I have had a lot of trouble going through the websites which come up in a search, often getting no results after it initially seems that they have cars. Looking to pick-up in Krakow and return in Warsaw. I don't speak Polish but I will be traveling with my in-laws that do speak Polish.

TimmyD - | 2
19 May 2013 #5
unfortunately, neither I nor my three passengers know how to drive a manual
Zazulka 3 | 129
19 May 2013 #6
Few years ago I rented a car from Polservice . Very happy with the car and service:

These companies also rent cars with automatic transmission.

And remember you need to have International Driver's Licence to rent a car in Poland. In Canada CAA issues this licence and it costs $20. I assume that AAA does it in the States.
Kris0011 - | 2
10 Jan 2014 #7
You can always ask the rental company for that.
But on the other hand why not to lear it's easy and can be usefull in future.
I rented a car in and they have some cars with automatic...
5 Mar 2014 #8
Is there a way to lease a car in Poland for 3-6 months, at a reasonable price? (Reasonable means less than rental)
I will need some transportation for few months and I don't want to buy anything there.
4 Aug 2014 #9
Cheap and all kind of cars include Automatic
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
4 Aug 2014 #10

Can't find that URL. Please resubmit it.

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