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Flights from Poland to North America

28 Apr 2013 #1
The family have decided they want to do a trip to the Minnesota this summer to visit friends, looking at whats available with LOT I have come up with the following:

Outbound - Warsaw to Toronto ( with the new dreamliner) stay in Toronto for two full days. ( is two days enough to see toronto?)
Toronto to Minnesota stay for 14 days
Minnesota to Lagarda stay NY for 4 days
Inbound - JFK TO Warsaw

Minnesota is the place we will be based for most of the vacation as we are staying with friends. Can you suggest any other travel plan or airlines, it goes without saying we would like to get the best deal flights. We will be traveling in July/August depending on availability and price. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
ShawnH 8 | 1,501
28 Apr 2013 #2
Hey Warszawski.... Re: Toronto.....

Plenty to do depending on what you are interested in....


There are also third night free packages available...

And some must see attractions:
OP poland_
28 Apr 2013 #3
Plenty to do depending on what you are interested in....

Thanks ShawnH
28 Apr 2013 #4
it goes without saying we would like to get the best deal flights. is simply superb. It searches through all the sites such as opodo, expedia and so on and gives you the best options and prices for flights. I very highly recommend it.
OP poland_
28 Apr 2013 #5
Cheers H, +1 on Skyscaner.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
28 Apr 2013 #6
new dreamliner

I would avoid the 787.The problem with the electrical system has not been fixed, Boeing has simply put a steel box around the battery so fires can be hidden. The batteries can still fail, potential putting aircraft at risk with its entirely new and radical all-electrical systems. This shocking approach has been approved by the FAA, an organisation who is dedicated to promote the aircraft industry, apparently before safety.

A Back Seat for Safety at the F.A.A.

IF one thing is clear after this week's National Transportation Safety Board hearings on the certification of the Boeing 787's lithium-ion battery, it is that the Federal Aviation Administration and the industry it regulates share a cozy relationship that sometimes takes a front seat to safety. This relationship contributed to the grounding of the 787 Dreamliner in January and the astonishing swiftness with which the airplane was approved to return to commercial flight.

Another NTSB board member bring the safety certification 787 and the FAA's behavior into serious doubt -

NTSB 787 Battery Hearing Leaves Certification Questions Unanswered

If the public is to have any faith in FAA certification, it needs an answer to why industry developed minimum standards were not used when new technology was introduced into our nation's airliners. The implications for future certifications is obvious - and of tremendous concern.

Dreamliner 787: Why it must be recertified
Ben Sandilands | Apr 27, 2013

This brings aviation to a very unwelcome place. The Boeing 787′s certification is deficient because it doesn't even meet Boeing's own standards for the use of lithium-ion technology by the aviation industry at large.

FAA exposed as captive and incompetent over 787 safety

The reports of the first session of an NTSB inquiry into how the FAA came to certify the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as safe are unsettling.

ANA, will be running 200 test flights with cargo. To get the 777 up to the claimed level of safety the 787 is supposed to already at took 10 years of proven commercial flights by hundreds of aircraft.

The 787 has flow 52000 hours and had two battery fires - cause unknown and one other in flight fire - cause unknown - which very nearly resulted in the loss of an aircraft during testing. All due to its revolutionary, first time ever in an aircraft, electrical system.

The 787 contains groundbreaking unique and little tested technology to aircraft.

Its very much a new concept and I would not take my family on what will be a multi year series of test flights.

Good luck.
gjene 14 | 204
30 Apr 2013 #7
As for Toronto, there are a number of places to visit while there. I can think of 4 that might be worth the look see. The 1st is the CN Tower, Casa Loma, Toronto Zoo and the Science Center. One hotel I stayed at when I was in Toronto is located on Roncesvalles Ave. That area has a lot of Polish people there, and it cots under $100 a night. Also, it is not that far away from the airport. Chances are they might meet someone there that can give them a bit of a tour around. I dont live in Toronto, but it is only a 2 hr drive east of me and I do know my way around some. I have a cousin in Warsaw and others in Wegrow and Pogreby.

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