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My First Visit To Poland, Warsaw. Invited There As Part Of Photography Programme.

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10 Aug 2015 #1
This is my first visit to a foreign country. I participated in a photography competition called 3rd VISTULA ART AND DESIGN COMPETITION in Warsaw, Poland.

And won the merit prize, As part of prize they have called me to Warsaw and attend art workshop for 6 days near Mazury Lake.
I tried to call the contact mentioned there, But they aren't really responsive and all they say is " its all given on website".

I am really confused whether to go there and attend and spend that amount of money on airfare, travel and lodging.
I really wanted to know places, where i can stay in Warsaw or places nearby,in considerably cheaper accommodations.
Any suggestions on how i should travel safely within the city and country, How do people react to foreigners there?
Good places to photograph culture of Poland, People and their way of living, Safest remote places to photograph landscapes and remote culture there?

I just have 300$ budget apart from my airfare. I can extend it, but I'll have to ask my father. Which i don't want to do. As he is already doing so much, We being a middle class family and all.

I want to do this on my own.
I am posting the link below to the Workshop and Programme

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks :)
jon357 72 | 21,239
10 Aug 2015 #2
It's very worth looking into further - how did you hear about the competition? Flights to Poland etc on low-cost airlines like Wizzair are very cheap, however if you're middle class, $300 (which $?) should be small change - what country are you from?

The competition (can't easily copy your link, I'm on an iPad) is probably genuine, however $300 isn't much much for a stay in Poland - do they offer any bursary or is it just a free place on this thing?
OP Artista 1 | 2
10 Aug 2015 #3
One of my photographer friend told me about it. I Looked it on google then
here's the link to the winner's gallery

My name is Sanjay Tomar, I am from India
In my country that much amount of money is 20 thausand rupees + Flight is 50 thausand :)

Here's a link to my facebook

You will find many other links here.
Are you into photography too?

Yes, they are paying for my 6 day stay there. after then i'l have to stay in warsaw for three days after m,y workshop on my own as my flight is on 15th. ( which i am planning to book)
jon357 72 | 21,239
10 Aug 2015 #4
Yes, that's a lot in Indian terms. You'd also need a letter from them for the visit visa. I'll have a look at the site (hard now, I'm in a fairly unusual (but very photogenic) place overlooking Palm Jumeirah from the top floor!) later and give my opinion, but looking at the website address it does sound genuine.

$300 isn't a lot for Poland but it is doable and worth it if you can.

Edit. I had a quick look (and like your photo). I think it's genuine. Vistula University is real, though a private one, and the competition is genuine. I suspect they didn't expect entrants from so far away.

I think your first step should be to print off the emails you got from them and contact the Polish consulate in New Delhi to see about a visa. Email the consul in person if you can find the address. And if they're sympathetic, then you should go for it if you can.
OP Artista 1 | 2
10 Aug 2015 #5
Thank you so much. I had really neglected the fact of invitation letter.
I just mailed them for a hard copy.
but still i will get the mail printed and try on.
Yes, that's true. They had kept it open worldwide.
Most people are from poland there but some of them are foreigners. Winner is an italian, i know her personally.

You live in warsaw right?
My flight will be arriving a day earlier and would be departing 3 days late, I really don't know what hotels to look for and what places to visit safely and photograph poland and its culture?

I suppose people aren't so much into english there.
I really wanted to know, if you can tell me about other photographers there?

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