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English cigarettes - where to buy in Poland?

Mcpartland 1 | -
29 May 2013 #1
Hi I'm travelling to warsaw on holiday in a few weeks and I am wondering where the best places to find lambert and butler or John players?

Any help would be appreciated.
jon357 67 | 17,530
29 May 2013 #2
Big supermarkets or the bigger kiosks. Some of the underground ones near the station (under the ground, sort of between the station and the Marriot Hotel). have them. Plenty of cidg kiosks and some have UK brands - you'll just have to have a wander round the maze of corridors until you find one that has the brands you like). A couple of good ones on th efar side of the station, towards the Palace of Culture - just follow the tunnels in that direction.

BTW, they don't have 10 packs here, so if you say 20 B&H, they'll assume you mean 20 packs.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 May 2013 #3
What are popular English cigarettes these days? Years ago when I used to smoke there were Players, Dunhill, B&H, Rothmans of Pall MAll, Senior Service (I believe) and a few others.

In Poland nowadays you mainly have all the traditional American brands: Camel, Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, Philip Morris, Viceroy, L&M, Winston, etc. I have learnt that these are not the same as the ones sold in the US, they contain and admixture of local tobacco which gives them a stronger taste.

Can any PF-er who still smokes confirm, deny or elaborate?
BTW the average Polish cigarette costs 60 groszy, so you can multiply that by the no. of fags you smoke a day to see what it's costing you.
jon357 67 | 17,530
30 May 2013 #4
Dunhill, B&H,

Still current. Players are made and sold in India now. Senior Service (and Navy Cut, Kensitas, park drive and I think Piccadilly) were banned. Regal are still popular in the North. Silk Cut still sell fairly well. Downmarket brands are Rothmans (southern England mostly) Mayfair, Lambert & Butler, Superkings etc.Marlboro and Chesterfield are in most shops.

Due to high taxes and successful campaigns, most people (and almost everybody above a certain social level) have stopped. Very much a habit of the disadvantaged or the elite. The majority don't smoke now. Often, poorer people who wish to smoke use rolling tobacco or cigs from Eastern Europe, usually imported illegally ..
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
31 May 2013 #5
Is tobacco raised (or still grown) in the UK? I used to enjoy British ciggies because they were made with mostly Virginia tobacco.Just like Canadian cigarettes with Ontario-grown Virginia. American blends contain some Virginia but also include Burley, Bright and other strains.
jon357 67 | 17,530
31 May 2013 #6
They used to be made with Virginia tobacco. Nowadays the tobacco tends to come from Augustów!
Scouser7 - | 4
5 Nov 2013 #7
Hey guys, thinking of visiting Krakow for a weekend and would like to stock up on some English cigarettes, I've read mixed opinions of wether you can get them readily or not, I did read an earlier post from welshguyinpola but I can't PM him because I haven't posted.

If anyone can help with info, I will greatly appreciate it and will duly by you a drink on my visit.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
6 Nov 2013 #8
What are 'English' cigarettes?
Scouser7 - | 4
6 Nov 2013 #9
Lambert & butler, embassy or regal really
peterweg 37 | 2,319
6 Nov 2013 #10
L&B yes but I don't know about Regal.

A lots of them are made in Poland so they maybe slightly different, I wouldn't know as I don't smoke. Smokers seem to like them.
jon357 67 | 17,530
6 Nov 2013 #11
embassy or regal really

Not now sold in Poland - they were around for a while.

Lambert & butler

Sold anywhere the financially and culturally impoverished visit. But then again, you don't find many smokers above a certain socio-economic level these days.

Benson and Hedges are available in larger cities.

A lots of them are made in Poland so they maybe slightly different

"A lots of them"? Like 18 out of the 20 in the pack?
12 Dec 2013 #12
This is a wholesale cigarette and them you can buy all cigarettes

Do they have (or can they get) Parliament ultra lights?
sobieski 107 | 2,128
12 Dec 2013 #13
And are their prices much lower as in a kiosk?
Because my sister is coming over with her husband, and they always buy cigarettes in large quantities.

I noticed this guy is posting the same text in very thread concerning cigarettes...Could it be something fishy? For a starter, the name of the company would be welcome.
rburgr - | 1
2 Mar 2014 #14
I live in the netherlands. Cigarettes here are very expensive. Can i maybe buy cartons from you guys? E-mail me? Jeroenmail583@gmail
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
2 Mar 2014 #15
I supply ENglish cigarettes in gdansk for around 28 quid a box. PM me
16 Apr 2014 #16
what is your email address or phone number?

would you supply the cigarettes to Poznon?

email me back :

charlespe - | 4
24 Jul 2014 #17
You can buy cigarettes from anywhere in Poland. Black Superkings, Silver Lamberts (Called L&B) & Dunhills are widely available
14 Aug 2014 #18
Hi, do you also have cigarettes with menthol (ball)? If yes, wich brand are they?
Thank you for your help
14 Aug 2014 #19
Hi, do you also have cigarettes with menthol (ball)? If yes, wich brand are they?

There are lots of those; off the top of my head I can tell you that both Marlboro, Camel and Lucky Stike all have products with a menthol ball in them.
14 Aug 2014 #20
Great, thank you! What about L&M?
14 Aug 2014 #21
Sorry but I don't smoke L&M, so I don't know for sure; however, I would very much expect that they have a menthol-ball product (their rivals certainly do).
Roger5 1 | 1,455
14 Aug 2014 #22
What about L&M?

Don't know about the ball, but L&M do have a menthol ciggie.
8 Aug 2015 #23
am looking at trying to get approx. 800 cigs sent to me in the uk anyone help me pleease
Marsupial - | 886
8 Aug 2015 #24
Nah you need mayne he can help you quit the filthy habit.
Nebbyk - | 1
19 Aug 2016 #25
Hi, I buy l&b in krakow centrum from tabak shop and in the market Square in the little booths. I am looking at going to Gdansk and wanted to know if I could buy them from there?

Cheers neb
Alev akbulut
23 Jun 2019 #26
Hello I am live in London so very expensive here smoke . I want cheap box 10 for slim smoke can delivery ? please reply me email
owaish - | 1
6 Aug 2019 #27

Bulk Buy Dunhill International Cigarettes in Poland

Dear All,

Where in Poland can I bulk buy inexpensive Dunhill International and Richmond Green Superkings cigarettes to take back to London please?

jon357 67 | 17,530
8 Aug 2019 #29
Indeed; they aren't seen in the shops. There's always online though:
Joker 2 | 1,973
9 Aug 2019 #30
Reading the list of the names of posters on this thread kind of reminds me of a PF cemetery...... ironic, huh?

Why to the English smoke like chimneys????

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