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Edith Piaf and her sculpture in Kielce, Poland?

gwrobel 10 | 19
15 Sep 2011 #1
I've longed enjoyed the songs of Edith Piaf and am now developing an interest in her biography. I've recently learned that there is a bust/sculpture of her in Kielce Poland. Does anyone know why?
Teffle 22 | 1,321
15 Sep 2011 #2
Oh no, let me guess - she was actually Polish? LOL

Sorry, no idea but she was very very popular in many countries, particularly in Poland - I think.

It still seems a bit odd but similar things do happen in other countries.

I very doubt "it's in celebrity alley" will be regarded as the answer the OP is looking for.

Try again (if you can grasp the intention of the question)
boletus 30 | 1,366
15 Sep 2011 #3
Kielce used to be a black hole of Universe - with beautiful surroundings but unfortunately with rotten downtown. I hear a lot about big transformation taking place in Kielce in the past decade or so: new infrastructure, clean streets and parks, new cultural institutions, new international centres, etc. One of such initiatives there is so-called "Avenue of Stars" - with busts of famous people - both Polish and international.

The "Avenue of Stars" includes the following busts: Andy Warhol (artist), Czeslaw Niemen (musician), Edith Piaf (singer), Franz Kafka (writer), Galina Lancers (dancer), George Gershwin (pianist, composer), Ignatius Paderewski (pianist, composer), Igor Stravinsky (Composer), James Joyce (writer), Jimi Hendrix (musician), Joseph Conrad (writer), Karol Szymanowski (Composer), Krzysztof Kieslowski (director), Marc Chagall (painter), Mark Grechuta (musician, composer, singer, poet), Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska (writer) Mikhail Bulgakov (writer), Olga Boznanska (painter) Pablo Picasso (painter), Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (painter, poet), Tadeusz Kantor (director ), Tamara de Lempicka (painter), Witold Gombrowicz (Author), Witold Lutoslawski (Composer), Zbigniew Herbert (poet), Dmitri Shostakovich (Composer), Stanislaw Lem (writer), Ingmar Bergman (film director), Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski (poet ), Salvador Dali (painter), Bulat Okudzhava (poet, writer).

So Edith Piaf is one of many stars celebrated there - but there is no particular relation between her and Kielce.
Teffle 22 | 1,321
15 Sep 2011 #4
Well thank you Boletus!
teflcat 5 | 1,032
15 Sep 2011 #5
Didn't Edith Piaf once do a tour of Serbia?
OP gwrobel 10 | 19
15 Sep 2011 #6
Boletus........I appreciate the response......tho' i have to admit it is a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a "connection" of interest between the great singer and beloved Poland.

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