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Driving to Poland from England - any tips?

wireless 1 | 34
28 May 2011 #241
wroclaw boy:

10 hours, dude you must have had your foot down lol
how many petrol stops do you normally make?

do you take small stops other than for petrol?

i still cant get over it 10 hours, thats awesome lol

Stu 12 | 522
28 May 2011 #242
Ever check your statements ?

Paying with Maestro in shops and petrol stations is free of charge.

If I take money from an ATM it is 2 euro. So I don't take off 20PLN, but 300 or 400. And I pay as much as possible with the debet card in shops ... as I said, free of charge.

I have a Dutch bank account at ING.
THE HITMAN - | 236
28 May 2011 #243
Exchange Rate Transaction Fee (ERTF).
Probably depends on who you bank with. Some banks still charge on maestro card transactions. Best to check with your bank before leaving.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
29 May 2011 #244
Youre both wrong exchanging before you leave or exchanging at the border will both incur excessive FX rates similar to that found at airports

No way - at least in the ones I'm familiar with (Slubice/Frankfurt, Swiecko/Frankfurt, Kostrzyn/Kustrin Kietz and Gubin/Guben) - the rates at the border are about as competitive as it gets. The spread was no more than 5gr - which is perfectly acceptable.

Heck, I changed some money in the old Customs terminal in Swiecko and got 3.97 (the interbank rate was 3.95) on the Euro - can't complain about that!

From what I can tell, it's actually worse in the cities than at the border - probably because at the borders these days, there's a vast amount of competition.
shale shifter
1 Jun 2011 #245
What date, type of race and have you fixed up accommdation?

Hi Avalon we will be in Tarnow on Thursday 16th June, we have been given a recomended hotel which we will be booking today

Racing....??? cars , bikes , horses...what...?

morning Wildrover - Racing bikes in tarnow stadium on saturday 18th june.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
1 Jun 2011 #246
Aha speedway racing....

Done a lot of Bike racing myself , but never quite fancied hurtling into bends on a bike with no brakes...

Good luck...

The name shale shifter should have given me a clue really....
Avalon 4 | 1,068
1 Jun 2011 #247
You might want to PM me your e-mail address before you book your hotel.
shale shifter - | 2
1 Jun 2011 #248
Hi, i have only just joined the forum and it wont let me pm you
Avalon 4 | 1,068
1 Jun 2011 #249
I have sent you a PM instead.
shale shifter - | 2
10 Jun 2011 #250
Well as Avalon knows we are unfortunatley no longer coming to tarnow but know instead have to travel to Krosno, so does anybody have any advice of the best route to take? also does anybody know anything about krosno is there anything to do there?
wildrover 98 | 4,451
10 Jun 2011 #251
is there anything to do there?

On fridays the locals go out and watch the traffic lights change.....
4 Jul 2011 #252
How much will it cost to drive from Dover to Krakow in petrol? I've got 1.6 Renault megane. And are there any charges for motorway?
4 Jul 2011 #253
How much will it cost to drive from Dover to Krakow in petrol? I've got 1.6 Renault megane.

and you don't know its petrol consumption? weird.
Wroclaw Boy
4 Jul 2011 #254
And are there any charges for motorway?

Only two tolls in Katowice and Krakow but theyre only just over £1, if you take a wrong turn in France and get caught on the toll roads it can get expensive.

I've got 1.6 Renault megane.

So about 35 mpg? i would estimate around £140, it used to cost me about £300 in a 4.3 V8 @ 24 mpg.
26 Jul 2011 #255
london to gdansk .poland .bmw 320d 18h 1000miils 1 and a half tank of desiel no forget poland is country with headlights on all the time
15 Nov 2011 #256
hi folks! i've been reading this forum and its great, my wife is polish and her parents live in bierun near auchwitz, we have looked at flying over for xmas but the prices are around £1000 as we have 3 kiddies now, i'm seriously thinking of driving it from portsmouth, i'm used to driving long hours, i,ve got a 02 range rover td6 to take, it will do around 600 miles to a tank cruising, ive got snow tyres for it, sat nav says 16 hours?? i'm looking at getting the otherside of the water early evening as the kids will hopefully sleep through most of the drive? has anybody got any tips? ie routes? stops? safety? i'm thinking the weekend of the 16th dec? the long range weather isnt predicting any white stuff yet? or should i bite the bullet and fly????
wildrover 98 | 4,451
15 Nov 2011 #257
Hey...if you have a Range rover , and you know how to drive it on snow , you will have no problem at all to drive over here...

There are plenty of safe places to stop and rest , some great places to eat , and if your wife is Polish you won,t have any trouble with the language...

Poland is not a dangerous place , but in some of the small villages you may be seen as a rich and vunerable visitor with maybe something worth stealing , just use the usual precautions when parking your car...

Just one point... Auswitch is the name the Germans gave to the extermination camp built near the town of Oswiem , the Poles don,t call it Auswitch...

I have driven from UK to Poland many times , not a problem....much more fun than flying , you see so much more and get to meet people...
15 Nov 2011 #258
many thanks for that, i've just been looking at flights again £1300 now!!! jeez, you have just put my mind at rest, i've been driving land rovers for the electric board over here, just i'll have the luxury of not as many rattles, do you reckon during the night at weekends best?? and from what i have read head for the a4?? i'm looking forward to it now just hope the kids bear it up, her brother has cleared out the garage to put the car away while were there,

for filling up is it best to use debit card or cash?? thanks again
wildrover 98 | 4,451
15 Nov 2011 #259
Yeah , i gave up my Landrovers in favour of a Rangie....did a trip from UK to Belarus and Russia , via Latvia and Lithuania , and all in an old diesal Series 3 Landy...hard work...!

I myself prefer driving at night , less traffic , and more scope for driving slowly to suss out where to make your turns etc without a load of peeps tooting at you to get a move on....

On several of my trips in the old days , we used credit cards , mostly it was ok , but we did have some dodgy garage clone our card and spend a bit of our dosh for us...Its not a problem i have nowadays , i threw away all my credit cards before moving to Poland... Carry some cash with you anyway , credit cards can get lost or refused at the most inconveniant moments...

I have never done the trip with kids , so can,t advise you there , but maybe they will enjoy it , when they get bored i guess they will just fall asleep...

You might want to have a look at one of the threads on Polish driving , looks very scary at first , but you soon get used to it...its a bit different from driving in the UK , but not as bad as some will try to tell you...

I wish you a safe trip... have a good time in Polska...
g60edition 6 | 175
15 Nov 2011 #260
sat nav says 16 hours

So did mine say a similar the 1st time I drove from Portsmouth to Skawica (not to far from Oswiem ) Id take that with a pinc of salt esp as you have kids with you.Its not a bad journey just gets boring after the 1st 10 hrs
wozzy 8 | 206
17 Nov 2011 #261
Hi Folks ....its been a while.

Done the drive from Manchester England to Gorlice in south east Poland many times, 1400 miles .
Done it by myself and with the wife and lad. Driving a bmw & land rover and traier,
but the best is a motorhome
If you feel tired pull over and go to sleep..... for as long as you like.
If the place looks interesting stay longer.
If your hungry stop and fry a egg.

What I'm realy saying is "whats the rush ?" Take your time and enjoy the trip.

And don't go faster than your Guardian Angel can fly................. :0)
3 Nov 2013 #262
Hahahaaaa. That is too funny! Just made my day: )
28 Jul 2016 #263
Bring some sugary snacks to keep you awake I drove from Manchester to Kraków it was around 23 hours
10 Jan 2017 #264

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