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Dealing with Taxi Drivers in Poland

11 Sep 2017 #1
I have a vacation coming up in Warsaw and Mragowo. We're going to need to take taxis to and from the airport in Warsaw, and taxis to get around in Mragowo/Ketrzyn. Are there any particular scams I should look out for? Things to watch out for? We don't speak Polish.

How much should a cab fare from Mragowo to Ketrzyn be?

Is it acceptable in Poland to agree on a set price with the driver before getting in the cab?
jon357 67 | 16,843
11 Sep 2017 #2
taxis to and from the airport in Warsaw,

From the airport to the station 50-60zl, sometimes a little less. More at night or on Sunday/public holidays. If you have Uber, it's a little cheaper. Only use radio taxis (ones with the name of a company written on the roof sign). They all display the price in the window - in Warsaw it's usually between 1.80 and 3.20 zl per km, mostly 2.40.

If someone approaches you at the airport whispering "taxi", ignore them. Either get one at the taxi rank or order one from either of the firms who have stands inside.

In Mragowo, ask your hotel who they use and stick to them. Most are honest.
11 Sep 2017 #3
How much should a cab fare from Mragowo to Ketrzyn be?

Probably 200zl. Outside city limits rates double and the driver will want the fare both ways as he has no chance of getting a passenger for the way back. And there's very little to see in Ketrzyn (the WL isn't in Ketrzyn). It'd be cheaper to hire a car.
OP Alltimegreat
11 Sep 2017 #4
Mragowo to Gierloz I meant.
TomekTaxi - | 1
7 Oct 2017 #5
Hello, With me will be cost 1000PLN from Warsaw to Gierloz. Door to door full service. Best wishes.


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