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Poland-My 9-day experience

two timer
28 Jul 2010 #181
Is it some kind of twisted national pastime to speculate the nationality of the person sitting in the near by table in a restaurant/beer garden, if it's obvious that he doesn't speak Polish? I got that ugly feeling quite a few times, with those looks and listing the names of various European nationalities (not that difficult to catch that little Polish). Quite annoying and makes you feel like some kind of circus animal. Why don't they just openly ask if they're interested, for sure I wouldn't mind to have a chat.
southern 75 | 7,096
28 Jul 2010 #182
In my opinion only if you drink you are in position to admire the really unique beauty of slavic cities and nature.Everything looks so different between day and night(generally better in night) and you always got a feeling of discovery.Just magic.They like to make their cities like these on fairy tales.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 Jul 2010 #183
I'd love to be tucked away in some mountain hut somewhere, doing a lot of nothing! I've experienced them in Zakopane and also in Stoszek/Wisła. Great places to recharge the batteries! Poles don't forget to do this :)
two timer
28 Jul 2010 #184
Yet another question about cultural differences. When I couple of times tried to smile to a Polish girl sitting in another table in a restaurant with her friends, instead of just dropping the eye contact or starting a little private game (less likely), which are the reactions I'm used to, they laughed about it with their girl friends. Took that as a total downer, what are your experiences?
wildrover 98 | 4,451
28 Jul 2010 #185
they laughed about it with their girl friends.

Its a normal nervous reaction....not a sign you have been rejected by any means...

Your flies were not undone were they....?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 Jul 2010 #186
I don't do that kind of thing as I've never, for as long as I can remember, been interested in chasing girls. I always went out to unwind, have a chat with the lads and maybe play some pool. The vanity of girls is a major turnoff, frankly! I can imagine them sneering and tittering like they did. Wastes of space, really!
two timer
28 Jul 2010 #187
Wildrover - no zip open, about the other thing, well, who knows. Seanus, I have had nice long chats with reception girls and the like, beyond what polite service requires, though can't really say it means anything as they're mostly a dozen or more years younger. Hanging out with friends would be just great, too, but no chance for that on a tourist trip on your own, and i think anything beats just sipping your beer alone in the night.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 Jul 2010 #188
Sometimes you just need to take the bull by the horns and go up to them. It depends what kind of bar it is. There is a place here where it would be easy. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
southern 75 | 7,096
28 Jul 2010 #189
I just approach.Basically it depends on what you radiate.Do you seem sympathetic,fast,powerful whatever?By my experience I can tell in two seconds if a girl is interested or not.If she is not interested I stop.
29 Jul 2010 #190
If she is not interested I stop.

wow, i would never think of you being able to say such thing :)

Why is that, w?

because of our mod's worst nightmare - an offtopic! ;D
southern 75 | 7,096
29 Jul 2010 #191
wow, i would never think of you being able to say such thing :) is important to understand the reaction of the girl.For example does she only want to flirt or does she have bigger motives etc?But let's see what happens.

You are in a resort for example and you see some english women drinking cocktails.If you are brave enough and approach,then you are set for an unpredictable reaction which if the approach is slightly wrong may get you a fucck you response.I saw it many times happening to Greeks.But no matter how improved you can make your approach by experience and how much work you put in,there will be always a dissatisfaction at least from the girl approached if not interested.This happens because the girl(the english girl) wants to punish the guy who approached her without being attractive enough for her.She wants to punish him in order the other girls get rid of the intruder.For example if a guy approaches 100 girls and hears 100 fucck you,he will most likely get intimitated and never approach again.

Even I who as Balkan do not get easily intimitated can sometimes feel this wall,this despair that western girls put on.It is about balance,protection of the girls to be approached in the future.

Dutch and swedish girls maybe friendly but that's just that.They are friendly,so they enjoy the superior mediteranean flirting wthout suffering the consequences.

Here comes the availability of Polki.What is a big advantage with polish girls?They never say fucck you in your face without reason for protection of their species.So if a polish girl rejected me I just moved to the next one and polish girls seemed O.K. with that,they did not intervene.Western girls take their gfs away all the time for example feeling offended that you hit on their friends and not on them or just because of jealousy or because they want to protect them or whatever.Polish girls do not drag their friends violently away.

So instead of this constant western-balkan war,you get the access to the garden.
These were my first observations after first encountering with Polki in greek resorts.
f stop 25 | 2,513
29 Jul 2010 #192
see if I got this straight:
with western girls, you pretty much have to be approved by her friends for her to talk to you, dutch and swedish girls just flirt and polish girls have no girlfriends when they go out?
29 Jul 2010 #193
warszawski wrote:

Conclusion- This has to be a wind up.

you know, i keep hearing that, but i also keep seeing poster after poster slowly but surely agreeing with much of what she wrote.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
29 Jul 2010 #194
Where? The only person who shares your opinions is an unemployable internet troll who lives in a dirty, small flat in Krakow with a grudge against the country because he didn't buy property when it was cheap.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
29 Jul 2010 #195
Wrocław lives in Wrocław and I wouldn't imagine him to be unemployable ;)

Some of what Sheila said was true and provoking is a sure-fire way of generating responses.
king polkakamon - | 544
29 Jul 2010 #196
and polish girls have no girlfriends when they go out?

No,polish girls play the game catch me if you can.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
29 Jul 2010 #197
what's your partner's name, kp? ;)

Poland is still quite warm at night. It's 18 but it feels like more.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
29 Jul 2010 #198
Poland is still quite warm at night. It's 18 but it feels like more.

My poor lady in Moscow is cooking in over 40 degrees in the daytime and 30 degrees at night...and she can,t open a window due to the peat fires around Moscow filling the air with smoke...
Seanus 15 | 19,706
29 Jul 2010 #199
I heard about that, wildrover. They are having to jump into cold water just to cool down. I had 38 degree heat and HAD to open a window. I was sweating like a black accused on an all-white jury!

Be sure to bring plenty of fans and ice packs :)
29 Jul 2010 #200
Why is that, w?

If you look at the itinary,
Warsaw - She did not like the people, no mention of a vibrant city, Nowy swiat is very cosmopolitan seven days a week.
Danzig ( or as we call it Gdansk)- The old town has stunning buildings and much to see as well as rich history.
Hel- So she took the boat to Hel. we all know Hel is a toilet and that is the reason we go to Jurata and Sopot. Very nice beaches and white sand in Jurata.

Wisla and Zakopane- Never quite understand the Wisla thing, personally I do not like the place and he ski-ing is rubbish. I would never suggest to anyone to visit Wisla and her guide should be shot for even suggesting going there. But I guess it was for the big G hotel.

Zakopne is different now plenty of goral hospitality and lots of things to keep a Sheila occupied, shopping and more gifts for the folks down under.

Krakow - she drove through krakow on the way to Warsaw like the A4 or direction Radom and that would mean she missed the Wawel and the market square and all that culture that people from all over the world come to see and admire.

Conclusion - Sheila next time you visit Poland get a different guide and go to Piotr and Pawel and you will smile for a month...
Seanus 15 | 19,706
29 Jul 2010 #201
Warsaw is not seen as a vibrant city by other Poles I have talked to. A remarkable recovery from WWII? Yes. Dynamic? No.

It's a matter of preference. Wisła is a nice retreat!

Piotr and Paweł is here :)
29 Jul 2010 #202
Warsaw is all about spending power, it is now 12 Plz for a pint in most places. As a city it has a lot going for it, most Poles do not like the Warsaw folk.

Wisla has never really done it for me. But each to their own.
opts 10 | 260
29 Jul 2010 #203
Have you considered writing a travel guide book on Poland and lecturing about your extensive travels in Poland?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
30 Jul 2010 #204
12PLN, ouch! I can buy 4 bottles of decent beer for that here :) Spending power is not the name of the game here in Silesia. Tradition is. Regional food and dialect :)
30 Jul 2010 #205
Tradition is. Regional food and dialect :)

So it is still a barter system in Silesia?
30 Jul 2010 #206
When someone's travelling with a tight a-day-here-and-there schedule, it may be quite decisive whether you happen to be out when everybody else is too or during the week's quietest evening, catch or miss interesting events, enjoy nice weather that cheers you up, etc., and then you make your judgement based just on that somewhat random impression. For instance, last year I was in Gdansk during St. Dominic's Fair*, by sheer luck, and the place was bustling with activity; food, antiques and handicraft stalls filled numerous pedestrian streets of the old town. I truly regretted that I hadn't a chance to stay couple of days more just for that. This year my visit to Krakow was on weekend so it was good timing considering taking a look at bar scene at Kasimierz, while a rainy sunday evening in Wrocław left me somewhat unimpressed but I try to be fair and think another visit some other time might provide quite different experience.

* www dot
Seanus 15 | 19,706
30 Jul 2010 #207
Oj, nie tylko :) There are many more ways to get things done :) Silesian food is better in winter.
THE HITMAN - | 236
30 Jul 2010 #208
This is my penultimate post here.


Can,t have it all your own way always. Learn to yield a little. Like Wroclaw says , see it through the eyes of an outsider.
Eurola 4 | 1,909
30 Jul 2010 #209
Jeez.. this AussieSheila got so many people excited and she never came back to comment on anything. Purely, a trollish post to spark a conversation and many took the bait. lol.

Yeah, there were some valid points, but mostly trash.
When i arrived in the USA I thought it was ugly and dirty - and that was Chicago!
When i rode on the L from Oak Park to downtown, I thought I'm riding through the ugliest part of the world... Well, 30 years later when i ride from Rosemont to downtown, i still think some of the parts are ugly, abandoned..and I'm wondering, do people live there?

The part that I love most is the train in the middle of the Kennedy expressway, so picturesqe...moving in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic. Sweet.
OP AussieSheila
30 Jul 2010 #210
I don't have to answer every post and I dont have time either. Besides I don't agree with some who categorically trash Poland as a 3rd world country. I bought 10 Zloty sailing ship souvenir at Hel and I thought it might be made in Poland, I read the fine prints and it says Made in China. What do Poland produce nowadays? Supermarkets here in Australia sell Polski Ogorski and it's made in India.

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