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Coming to Poland with a pet :)

8 Aug 2006 #1
hi guys! Has anyone experience with coming to Poland with a pet? I'm particularly interested in bunnies, hamsters and birds? what are the regulations? and your experiences of course?


Agi :)
8 Aug 2006 #2
I think you won't have much troubles with bringing a bunny or hamster to Poland. I don't know about birds (they may require a month of isolation). For sure, you must have current vaccinations (done in within the last 12 months) and a statement from a certified veterinary the pets are in good health condition. Another thing is - if you want to bring the animals from the "3rd countries", you will have a hard time doing it.

Here is more info about bringing pets to Sweden - but it's more-less the same like in Poland's case: liveanimals/dogsandcats/ ml
bolo 2 | 304
8 Aug 2006 #3
It also depends if the animals are for commercial purposes or for personal...
9 Aug 2006 #4
I don't think they allow hamsters to get tickets because they can escape and chew up wires and you can never find them things.
OP Aga
10 Aug 2006 #5
I thought it might be like that .. Last month my sister went to Brussels and was travelling with her bunny. at the beginning she wanted to fly but they offered to send the animal as a suitcase :).. hm, eventually the bunny traveled in train's compartment..
12 Aug 2006 #6
Has anyone experience with coming to Poland with a pet?

I think smoking in Poland is very popular so you should not have problems with pets (don't throw them on the streets if possible though).
rafik 18 | 589
13 Aug 2006 #7
:) :) :)

poor hello a pet is not a ciggy end:)
guess who
14 Aug 2006 #8
there is not need for you to bring a pet, poles make excellent pets
22 Jan 2007 #9
hi my name is chuck i might be coming to poland and i have to dogs. does anybody knowthe regulations. thank you
krysia 23 | 3,057
22 Jan 2007 #10
They need to have all their shots up to date - distemper, parvo, rabies. They don't need to be quarantined. They will just be checked at the airport if you have all the papers and that's it. They will be flying in the luggage compartment.

Unless it's a small dog like chihuahua, it can fly with you.
22 Jan 2007 #11
someone told me there may be a6 month wait after rabbie shots
krysia 23 | 3,057
22 Jan 2007 #12
Not to Poland. Only to England or Australia and other island countries where rabies are not found. You just need to buy them a ticket for the plane (around $100, depending on airline) they need an air-line approved kennel then they sit in a special compartment on the plane.

I know, because I've transported dogs from Poland and England.

Poland requires that your pet be microchipped and vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days prior to travel.

Your veterinarian must then complete the proper EU veterinary certificate and attach the rabies certificate.

Traveling By Air
Try to avoid peak travel periods when delays and stopovers are longer. Traveling in extreme hot or cold weather may be dangerous if your dog must wait very long before loading and unloading. Plan a trip with as few stops and transfers as possible.

Make hotel, resort and airline reservations for your dog well in advance. Some airlines have limited space for transporting pets.

Some airlines allow small dogs to travel with their owner (generally for an additional charge) if the carrier fits under the passenger seat. Otherwise, rent or purchase a carrier or crate which meets airline regulations and affix a LIVE ANIMAL sticker. Mark it with your name and address and the name of a person who can be contacted about your dog at your destination if necessary.]more
22 Jan 2007 #13
krysia thank so much i may ask you more questions
krysia 23 | 3,057
22 Jan 2007 #14
Ok Chuck. What kind of dogs do you have? I added to the previous response. They have to microchipped.

More information can be found here:
22 Jan 2007 #15
hey krysia thank you so very much for the info. the site they say poland is a eu countrie and it is 30 days after rabies vaccination. thanks again

hey krysia i have a dalmation and a german shepard both about 50-60pounds.
krysia 23 | 3,057
22 Jan 2007 #16
Poland is a member of the EU Pet Travel Scheme, which means that pet carnivores like dogs, cats, and ferrets, can enter Poland without quarantine, as long as they meet the hygiene requirements

For more information about the Pet Scheme (PETS), go to:

For more information about taking your pet abroad, which includes contact information about obtaining a permit for Poland, go to: r_pet_abroad.shtml

As laws and regulations may change in regards to this issue, I'd also recommend that you contact your nearest Polish consulate and also the airline that you are traveling with.

There are a lot of G. Shepherds in Poland. I'm planning on getting a long-coat from Poland. They are very expensive and not as popular in the US, but I just love them.
hello 22 | 891
22 Jan 2007 #17
What's your opinion on dobermans? I've heard they were actually "made" from GS genes and have many similar traits.
krysia 23 | 3,057
22 Jan 2007 #18
Dobbies are smart dogs, but can be aggressive, they need to be properly brought up and they need the right person. They are not for everybody. I've worked at a dog kennel as a groomer and boarder and there was this one doberman who was really mean and was up for adoption. But this guy came and the dog instantly liked him.

I think he hated women for some reason...
23 Jan 2007 #19
hey krysia. are there any dog parks that my dogs can run around off leach. in warsaw.
thank to you later
hello 22 | 891
23 Jan 2007 #20
I believe you still don't have to leash your dog in Poland (even in the city).
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
23 Jan 2007 #21
Not so. It depends on the breed of dog. There is a list of dangerous dogs, which must wear a muzzle. Any dog off the lead must also wear a muzzle. There are also local by-laws regarding dogs. Some authorities enforce the rules, some are more lenient.
23 Jan 2007 #22
thanks for the reply. are there alot of stray dogs in warsaw. do you guys live in warsaw or any city in poland. what about fenced dog parks
FISZ 24 | 2,116
23 Jan 2007 #23
now that there are more chinese restaurants, there haven't been as many dogs.
hello 22 | 891
23 Jan 2007 #24
I was talking to a guy who used to live in the Warsaw area. He said he would go for jogging near the Wisla river with a baseball bat in case stray dogs attack him.

-- but it was about 10 years ago --
23 Jan 2007 #25
hello. what city do you live in and do you guys know about a dog park.
fisz what does that mean the dogs only like chinese food

hey krysia. how's it going me and my wife may move to warsaw, have you ever lived in warsaw do you know of any dog parks in warsaw. hello said people have there dog off leach everywhere. is that you think it;s a good idea to bring my dogs to poland
chuck - | 10
27 Jan 2007 #26
hey krysia. how is it do you know so much about traveling with dogs
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
27 Jan 2007 #27
hey fisz. or some one how is health care in poland. talk to later

Honestly chuck, I don't know. However, I did have to catch an ambulance to the hospital for some stitches and it was about 100zl. Then I had to visit a private Dr. for an xray which was 39zl (USA more than a few hundred) and each visit after that was 17, I think it's A-OK but I think someone living there will be able to help more.
chuck - | 10
2 Feb 2007 #28
anybody that lives in warsaw .is there any dog parks that are fenced thank you so much
5 Feb 2007 #29
I am coming to Poland (back actually, i am of polish decent) from the US with two Silky Terriers and i must say these postings are a great help (with the exception of the poles as pets comment).

My dogs have all their shots and are microchipped. I am just wondering what exact procedures do i need to do to bring the dogs in? what paperwork? who, if anybody, do i need to notify? and any other advice that you may give. Thank you all for any advice.

krysia 23 | 3,057
5 Feb 2007 #30
LOT Polish Airlines allow animals (dogs and cats only) to be transported as checked baggage in the passengers' cabin or in the aircraft's hold. The animal can be accepted for a carriage provided the following requirements are met:

Veterinary Vaccination Book, an Animal's Health Certificate and other documents required by the country of departure, destination or transit to be presented to the respective authorities;

Carriage must be performed in a suitable container in compliance with the size and weight of the animal;
The weight of the animal carried on board may not exceed 8 kilograms container included;
The intention to transport an animal on board should be reported in advance at the time of passenger booking. The service is paid and the charge is payable at LOT Polish Airlines booking and sales offices or at the agents'

The number of animals carried simultaneously by one plane is limited. LOT Polish Airlines also provide transportation of other animals as a cargo.
Passengers traveling with PETS cannot be assigned seats in first rows of class of service.

Once in Poland, you go through customs, show your papers and that's it.

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