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Which Poland's city is LGBT friendly?

zexz 1 | 1
2 Jul 2015 #1
Is there any Poland city lgtb friendly? Or more friendly than the others? Thanks
jon357 72 | 21,173
2 Jul 2015 #2
All the bigger cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Gdansk) are fine, but Warsaw is the best choice for LGBT travellers who want the bars/clubs etc. The others have a smaller commercial scene.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
2 Jul 2015 #3
Please note that gay places first of all are very limited in Poland (compared to western countries) and also that they are kind of "hidden" so necessary to know where to find them ;).
jon357 72 | 21,173
2 Jul 2015 #4
also that they are kind of "hidden" so necessary to know where to find them ;).

Not so hidden nowadays - all listed online. Plus if you go in one, they'll tell you where the others are and often a bar will give out free entry tickets for a club. Warsaw is the best bet really.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
2 Jul 2015 #5
@Jon; yes, they can be found online but what I meant is that one does not find them by just walking around. Imagine if they were indicated as such, they would need riot police with dogs 24/7, like Polonius would say and there would be "an@| orgies in the middle of the street" (the best I have ever read in PF) like Levi would say.... Indeed gay places need to keep a very low profile in such a society.
Polsyr 6 | 769
2 Jul 2015 #6
Anyone been to Piotrkowska in Lodz recently? I actually had a really good time there.

@InPolska :)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
2 Jul 2015 #7
@Polsyr: I have never been to Lodz and I know I should. I know about the city but for one day it can be alright
pawian 218 | 22,871
19 May 2019 #8
All the bigger cities are fine, but Warsaw is the best choice for LGBT

Yes. Parades are held in all major cities and medium ones join too despite difficulties. E..g, the mayor of Nowy Sącz blocked the parade this year.

But other cities and towns allow LGBT parades
e.g., Częstochowa.

Crow 160 | 9,212
18 Jul 2019 #9
Can you believe this? Why are LGBT rights confused with EU meddling in Poland. Those are two different things. In my country we are aware that by constantly imposing LGBT topic, EU (ie western European) ruling establishment actually manipulate with LGBT population itself. Why are Poles that confused? Is that lack of information or corrupt politicians?

IKEA in trouble in Poland amid spiraling LGBT controversy

IKEA fires employee over anti-LGBT comments

Ironside 52 | 11,774
18 Jul 2019 #10
any Poland city lgtb friendly?

None whatsoever. If you ask about cities friendly to homosexuals. Most of them as nobody is interested what you do in your spare time.

But other cities and towns allow LGBT paradese.g., Częstochowa.

F morons in charge.
pawian 218 | 22,871
19 Jul 2019 #11
If you are intelligent enough, you should know it can`t be stopped. The more antigay opposition today, the bigger and louder the Gay Parades will be in the future. Simple as that. The only way to stop LGBT getting their full rights here is turning Poland into dictatorship, like in Russia.
Huur - | 19
19 Jul 2019 #12

The only way to stop LGBT getting their full rights

But what are this "full rights"?
Ironside 52 | 11,774
19 Jul 2019 #13
it can`t be stopped.

Sure it can and should be stopped. Do they pay you to spread their propaganda? THAT Marxist revolution ( as any Marxist based ideology) should be nipped in the bud. At least in Poland.

LGBT getting their full rights

What full rights? You parroting some stupid slogans. Is that even mean anything?
Crow 160 | 9,212
19 Jul 2019 #14
Truly, Poland and Russia mistaking regarding LGBT situation. Both falling in western European trap.

Why LGBT problems? Its false problem. LGBT people exist since the beginning of humans and they have their rights. Problem is EU that manipulate LGBT population. Focus on EU. F*** EU.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,361
19 Jul 2019 #15
The problem is that some people like Ironide want to f*ck the EU and f*ck the LGTB at the same time. As as you know it is imossible to f*ck two at the same time. So those people will have to decide: f*ck the EU or f*ck the LGBT?

[The best solution would be when they go and f*ck themselves.]
Joker 2 | 2,381
19 Jul 2019 #16
LGBT people exist since the beginning of humans and they have their rights

Then why did God punish them by destroying Sodom and Gomorrah?

He created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
johnny reb 45 | 6,526
19 Jul 2019 #17
LGBT people exist since the beginning of humans

They should all be extinct by now since they don't reproduce.
Tacitus 2 | 1,366
19 Jul 2019 #18
Then why did God punish them by destroying Sodom and Gomorrah?

God punished a lot of innocent people in the Bible for arbritary reasons. Having a son really mellowed him out.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
19 Jul 2019 #19
No city is LGBT friendly. Surveys and polls show that the majority of Polish people are against fags, faries, transformers and all other kinds of degenerates. Gay marraige is illegal and it'll stay that way unless the constitution is changed which is highly unlikely. The only reason why there are even parades which idk why they started allowing them again is because the EU and (((ngos))) want to impose clown world on Poland.

Poland should adapt strategies more like Saudi Arabia. Thats one thing that we poles can learn from the Muslims.

You give these people an inch and they'll keep pushing the envelope and before you know it you have drag queens teaching kindergartner and prepubescent kids becoming transformers and their classmates applauding them like in w Europe:
pawian 218 | 22,871
19 Jul 2019 #20
Dear guys who oppose LGBT,

You can critisize the development of the situation but you won`t prevent it. If you learnt history, you would know how LGBT was looked upon before 1960s in the States (almost as a crime). How it is viewed today, everybody knows. Similarly in Western Europe, And? The same thing is going to take place in Poland as long as we remain a democratic country which makes sure that no one is discriminated against because any kind of discrimination is a crime.

One more explanation - I am not an obsessed pro LGBT activist. :):) I am just a neutral observer now, stating certain facts which are unpreventable. Only this and nothing else, so don`t be angry with me now or in the future. :):)
pawian 218 | 22,871
19 Jul 2019 #21
Sure it can and should be stopped.

No, it can`t. You see, it is inevitable that one day LGBT will enjoy wide tolerance in Poland because certain social and economic processes are taking place all the time and we have no influence on most of them. You have probably no idea about it. One of these processes is the development of the middle class. Why is it so important?

It is not a secret that the political correctness is the invention of the middle class whose one of main principles is to look, sound and act "decent". At least on the surface, yes, hypocrisy is also middle class` one of favourite traits.

It is obvious that displaying a public contempt for LGBT is not a middle class standard because it is not "decent." That is why this contempt is anonymous in the States, as Jonnhy implied. If he tried to openly admit he is a homophobe, he would be dubbed as such. This might be a problem for him if he is already middle class or if he is aspiring to become it. His middle class friends would turn away from him and his family would also suffer as people would comment: Look, they are relatives of that homophobe that lives at...... That is why he is only brave in this forum but in real life he keeps quiet and keeps his views to himself or very close people.

What about Poland? In the developed countries the middle class makes the majority of the society. In Poland it is still growing but as we have been dubbed the 20th most developed country in the world, it is natural the society will reach higher strata. The more middle class people in Poland, the more tolerance towards LGBT.
Huur - | 19
19 Jul 2019 #22

Khem, in 30's support from "middle class" was a key to victory od NSDAP im Germany. So your "decent" theory is faaaar from historical truth.
pawian 218 | 22,871
19 Jul 2019 #23
I am sorry but now you are off topic. Check the title of the thread. :):)
Bratwurst Boy 13 | 11,925
19 Jul 2019 #24
One of these processes is the development of the middle class. Why is it so important?

I would agree so far....but I wouldn't bring political correctness into this.

IMHO the matter is much easier....a well off, educated middle class demands rights, individual rights. They don't want to live anylonger as others dictate to them, they have the money, they line the states cases, they bring the jobs, they go around and see other places which give them ideas, they want to live as they see fit, also sexually.

They become so powerful and influential that neither god, nor church nor king nor party head nor old traditions whatsoever can stop them to get what they want, they get greedy. And why shouldn't they!

The bigger the middle class the bigger the liberal rights in one country...that belongs together!

Thing is you don't get economical progress without an equally growing affluent, liberal middle fight LGBT's is useless in that regard.

PS: It will be interesting to see the same principle working in China. There too a rising middle class is demanding it's rights, the fight with the all-ruling communist party is already on.

PPS: It works the other way around too...a shrinking middle class opens the door again for illiberal opinions...nicely to see in East Germany after the de-industrialization after the "Wende" and the impoverished parts (Rust belt) of the US.
Huur - | 19
19 Jul 2019 #25
So off topić like writing about "decent middle class" in threat " Which Poland's city je LGBT friendly". I've just answered this ahistorical storytelling about nature of middle class, nothing more.
pawian 218 | 22,871
19 Jul 2019 #26
I delayed answering you cause I thought it would be randomised. It hasn`t so far, let it be so, but we are walking on thin ice and I don`t want the thread to be closed

So off topić like writing decent middle class" in threat " Which Poland's city LGBT friendly". I've answered this ahistorical storytelling about middle class.

Dear Huur, it is as clear as daylight that you are not aware of certain social and economic processes both in history and contemporary. You suggested that Hitler`s NSDAP`s victory in 1933 was mainly due to middle class support. Yes, it is true. Unfortunately, you ignored a certain event, namely the Crisis of the 1930s. Nothing like that had ever taken place before - it was an overwhelming economic disaster. When there is no work for millions so that they have no bread to feed children, people get and act irrational. Hitler promised to improve the situation and Germans believed him, including the pauperised middle class..

In simple words, your analogy with middle class support for NSDAP of 1930s is useless.

As for me and you being off or on topic. let me enlighten you that the Polish middle class lives mainly in cities. When I said: the more middle class in Poland, the bigger the tolerance, it is obvious that it will happen in cities first, then elsewhere. We can already see it nowadays. So, my middle class wasn`t as off topic as your NSDAP because the thread is about LGBT friendly cities. .

I hope it is logical enough and you won`t stubbornly stick to this NSDAP anymore. In case you wanted. could you do it in Random as to not pollute the thread with off topic stuff? :):)

Huur - | 19
19 Jul 2019 #27

Please don't teach the historian about period he has study. Better read about, first maybe something easy, like Kershaw? And then we can discuss a little about "crisis" and "liberal middle class". OK?

Bratwurst Boy 13 | 11,925
20 Jul 2019 #28
I guess that might have more to do with traditions than with God's will (or what his proxies on Earth interpret as such)...
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
20 Jul 2019 #29
The problem isn't what people do in their own bedrooms. It's that LGBT has become militant. They're clearly provoking poles by doing **** like putting rainbows on lady of czestochowa and deciding to host pride parades alongside a pilgrimage. Then there's also the desire to indoctrinate kids from a young age in polish schools namely Warsaw which really pisses off parents.

More often than not, normal polish people outnumber those at pride parades and their boos drown out the ****** 80s synth pop they play. If it wasn't for the cops protecting them there wouldn't be any pride parades in Poland.
Velund 1 | 563
20 Jul 2019 #30
BTW: Is there any cities in Poland that are zoophile friendly? The pride parade with beloved dogs, sheeps and goats would be so picturesque ...

Unfortunately, pride parade of necrofiles is a thing that is hardly possible...

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