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Which cities in Poland are nice to visit

f stop 25 | 2,507
15 Mar 2010 #31
Hope this helps. This should be possible over 1 week. I'm sure someone will add to this soon though.

Thanks! I'm saving this post.
Drac90 1 | 74
1 May 2010 #32
[Moved from]: take a virtual walk in Polish cities/towns
Nowy Sącz :3
Miguel Colombia - | 351
2 May 2010 #33
Excellent, but is there a way to mute the annoying music and the comments of that machine?

I hate when websites like that are ruined by unnecessary music.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,004
2 May 2010 #34
Nowy Sach is a great city. I have many great memories of it :) and the ice cream is the best in Poland ;)
Drac90 1 | 74
2 May 2010 #35
Miguel Colombia
next to "map" button" :3
musicwriter 5 | 87
8 Sep 2010 #36
The travel agents all agree that Kraków has the most tourism. I liked it but would like to return to three well-preserved Medieval towns- Toruń, Chełmno, and Żnin, all of which are in woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie.
8 Sep 2010 #37
2. Train to Warsaw, stopping off at Malbork to see the castle (the inter-city line runs this way).

Osiedleruda, it would be criminal to go to Warszawa and not visit ;Lazienki park,Wilanow palace and Warsaw uprising museum. Please add them into your suggestions.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
29 Dec 2010 #38
Merged thread:
Nice cities in Poland

Many people ask about this. Some people want to move to PL.

In my opinion these are the nicest cities in Poland.

Big cities:
Kraków (it's difficult to beat the summer-night atmosphere in Kraków.)
Gdańsk (perfectly located at the sea side)

Small cities/towns:
Zamość (close ot Lublin) - the city center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Szczytno (close to Olsztyn) - cozy town, beautifully located between two lakes.
Sopot (close to Gdańsk) - a completely different atmosphere, great beach, some call it a "jet-set town", expensive.

Feel free to add your pearl (esp. in the mountains).

Nice areas to visit:
Mazury - many beautiful lakes
The Northern coast - great sand beaches
The mountains - both in the summer and winter
Wroclaw Boy
29 Dec 2010 #39
Virtually everyone that comes to visit me has Auschwitz on the top of their "things to see" list.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
29 Dec 2010 #40
As you can see it's mostly for people who are thinking about moving to Poland. I doubt anyone wants to move to Auschwitz.
nana - | 40
29 Dec 2010 #41
ok, so that's my list ;) :
1. Cracow - of course - nothing new
2. Wroclaw
3. Zakopane - welll, maybe just for the weekend. I wasn't sure to recommend... Generally there's wooden architecture, specific culture, beautiful nature and it's worth to see it but ... but in high season there is f*** crowd! And you must prepare to a lot of people, tacky shops and high prices.

4. Przemysl - I like this city very, very much. Small, unusual, calm with beautiful old town and cheap. IZt's very relaxing city. more over it's very near to polish-ukrainian border so you can even go to Lvov for a day or 2. (circa 80 km)

5. Tricity - Gdans, Sopot, Gdynia

I'd like to add that Masurian lakes (which were mentioned above) are worth to see it. there are a lot of small towns and unique landscapes.
tygrys 3 | 290
29 Dec 2010 #42
Lublin is beautiful, Częstochowa, basically every little town in between is interesting to see, the architecture, the castles, ruins, churches, the scenery never makes it a boring ride. Zakopane is incredible, take a ride up the Gubałówka.

The only thing I find disturbing in Poland is that there is garbage everywhere. By the roads, in towns, there are papers laying around, cigarette butts and other garbage making Poland looking dirty. There are regular cleanups but many people still don't care.
guesswho 4 | 1,278
29 Dec 2010 #43
Lublin is beautiful

matter of taste :-) I didn't like it that much. There's really only one or two streets worth mentioning, the rest looks very dirty, like no one takes care of it at all.

Zakopane is OK but my top favorites in Poland are Gdansk and Wroclaw.

By the roads, in towns, there are papers laying around

yep, many people could be employed just to keep Poland clean.
29 Dec 2010 #44
matter of taste :-)

As you say it is a matter of taste but I think it is a smashing city with great students town along with its old town - I had a great five years there.

Not a city but a town, Kazimierz Dolny which is very close to my home, is a lovely old town on the banks of the Wisła and I spend many summer evenings in its bars around the market square.
ShawnH 8 | 1,497
29 Dec 2010 #45
Kazimierz Dolny


Enjoyed my stay there...
guesswho 4 | 1,278
29 Dec 2010 #46
I had a great five years there.

I wonder if we ever met there? Do you know "U Szewca" the so called Irish Pub? We lived in Lublin in 2004.
30 Dec 2010 #47
Maybe, but I tried to avoid the Saturday night David Poynton English crew there as I found them a bit pompous, always moaning about "how Old Blighty was superior to anything Polish", and anyway I had already moved to Pulawy by that time. I moved to Lublin in 1997 and moved to Pulawy in 2002, although I used to spend many nights in Lublin because I had a lot of friends there.

Good pub though ;0)
AussieSheila 5 | 75
9 Jan 2011 #49
I visited Krakow, Chorzow, Katowice, Warsaw, Danzig and Zakopane. Only Zakopane is worth visiting. The rest are pretentious european city with below average in everything. The country is FLAT and no natural beauty or historically significant attractions except the concentration camps and the carpathian mountains in the south. The only consolation prize you'll get is pretty girls and boys as long as you are willing to pay the tab.
southern 74 | 7,074
9 Jan 2011 #50
Only Zakopane is worth visiting.

A mountains lover?
Ashleys mind 3 | 452
9 Jan 2011 #51
The rest are pretentious european city with below average in everything.


You've never fallen in love in Krakow!?
FlaglessPole 4 | 662
9 Jan 2011 #52
The only consolation prize you'll get is pretty girls and boys as long as you are willing to pay the tab.

LOL you gotta be pretty miserable since you have to pay for it ;)
9 Jan 2011 #53
I visited Krakow, Chorzow, Katowice, Warsaw, Danzig and Zakopane.

Put the lonely planet guide down and visit the real Poland, there are some wonderful places in Poland that you won't find in LPG and need to be told by the locals, that the natural beauty of Poland it is still possible to stumble across a place that is still stuck in the 19th century.
9 Jan 2011 #54
Put the lonely planet guide down and visit the real Poland

Don't bother: that's the same "no waves in the Baltic" Sheila.
Wroclaw Boy
9 Jan 2011 #55
Nice to know you read my posts.
rychlik 41 | 372
9 Jan 2011 #56
but Warsaw is mostly ugly, sprawling, unfriendly and increasingly aggressive

I have to defend Warsaw again. Most tourists arrive in Warsaw and the city is a great one indeed. You just have to leave the train station. Warsaw has nice attractions like: The Old and New Towns, a beautiful 4km Royal Route (Krakowskie Przedmiescie) filled with great architecture/shopping, Castle Square which is quite romantic, beautiful Lazienki Park. Check out the National Museum and also the Royal Castle which is also a museum. Also the new architecture is quite impressive and if you like that stuff then it's worth a look. Warsaw also has some great interactive museums dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising and Chopin. Praga district across the river has a growing art scene and can be quite bohemian. Warsaw is cosmopolitan and is a mixture of old and new.
peter 1
30 Jan 2013 #57
would like to come to poland for holiday, what town is best to stay at and what month is the best time to visit need to be hot weather
Lenka 5 | 3,389
30 Jan 2013 #58
I would suggest July, August.
As to the cities it depends what you like.
30 Jun 2015 #59
I think that Wroclaw is nice city to visit. I spent there 4 days last year and it was great. Many people,pubs and a lot of fun. I rent a room in Wieniawa Hotle from Hotele Wam Group, and I can say it is quite good place to rest, and close to the Centre of the city
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
30 Jun 2015 #60
For me the best place to visit is Torun's Old town.

I also like the city of Lodz, it is the most improved Polish city.
It is much much nicer than it was 10 years ago.

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