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Christmas Fairs in Poland

sobieski 106 | 2116
9 Dec 2013 #1
Has anybody been to a Christmas Fair already in Poland this year? The one here in Warsaw is a very sad affair. They've put near the Central Railway Station, and a sadder location I cannot imagine. It is also very small. During the past years it was on the Rynek, much better location.

I heard the one in Wrocław is quite nice.
smurf 39 | 1947
9 Dec 2013 #2
The one on Krakow is nice, plenty of swag to buy and gluwein to guzzle, the one in Katowice is a joke, a wee side street off the square, but when the new square is open next year (?) I'm sure they'll have a proper one.
9 Dec 2013 #3
There isn't one in Warsaw rynek this year?!
DominicB - | 2707
9 Dec 2013 #4
I heard the one in Wrocław is quite nice.

It is. And it's getting bigger every year. Definitely worth checking out.
OP sobieski 106 | 2116
9 Dec 2013 #5
There isn't one in Warsaw rynek this year?!

Nope there isn't one. Just one of these typical Warsaw stories. In summer they started to re-lay the Rynek with new cobblestones. (Btw why to start this in the midst of the tourist season, God knows) This of course was delayed and delayed....

In the meantime there would be an ice-rink on the Rynek - also a good idea btw, and because of this the traditional Christmas Fair could not take place there. But instead of moving it to Rynek Nowego Miasta or Plac Zamkowy (on both locations it already has been), it was moved to...under the concrete shadow of Dworzec Centralny.

Then, because of the ongoing and delayed renovation works on the Rynek, the private sponsors of the ice-rink pulled out. End result: Big zero.
frd 7 | 1385
9 Dec 2013 #6
There's one at the Wroclaw's market square. Got a little messed up during last friday's weather. Everythings expensive, and most of it seems quite cheap ;) A huge crowd at the market sqare also makes it a tad bit annoying... But I suppose it makes the atmosphere a bit more christmasy
Kevvy 2 | 37
9 Dec 2013 #7
Anyone know of any Christmas fairs near Biała Podlaska? Or Lublin?
Crow 160 | 9329
10 Dec 2013 #8
The one on Krakow is nice

yes, everything in Krakov is so nice. Eh, Krakow, Krakow.... there is the heart of one Racow
OP sobieski 106 | 2116
11 Dec 2013 #9
That is how a skating rink in Old Town arises. It has to be hit of this winter

At the Old Town already see where for a few days will you can slip on the ice. City Hall hopes that the in the winter it will be one of the biggest attractions of the capital.

Ice rink will have 20 to 30 meters. The next step will be to set the band and lighting installation. But that's not all. - Ice rink will not only be lighted, but also beautifully illuminated and decorated festively. Besides, it will be surrounded of 40 spruces provided by Urban Forest - said Agnieszka Withers from the press office of the town hall. Right next to the skating rink skate rental will be placed. The whole will be surrounded by booths where tired skaters will be able to eat a meal and warm drinks offered by the Old Town restaurateurs. It is they who, not to mention thirsty attractions Varsovians, will the most benefit from the rink. Slide is likely to attract crowds of the curious, and those in the cold days will be happy to eat something.

So the ice-rink will be after all on the Rynek. Mind you, it is good location for it. If they throw in some gluhwein, that would be even better :)

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