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Cheaper Flights to Poland

29 Oct 2006 #1
Looking for advice on cheaper flights to Poland.

This past July I flew LOT directly from Chicago to Krakow at a price of around $1200. It was my first European trip and I used a travel agent for booking.

I'd like to return to Poland in September of 2007 - I think the prices are a bit cheaper at that time. I'd also like to book the flight(s) myself so I'd appreciate suggestions on ways to minimize the flight cost even more...what other European cities could I fly to and get a connector flight into Poland.

Thanks much in advance!
29 Oct 2006 #2
Yes, the airline tickets in September are a little cheaper than June-August, but not that much. If you're in Chicago I think you won't be able to get a whole lot better price; I would suggest regular sites like or and take a flight to one of the European cities (eg. Munch or Kopenhagen) and from there connect to Poland -- these sites allow you to do it "automatically" if you select you want 1-2 stops.

I know that many Poles in Chicago buy tickets from Chicago to Poland via Polamer (I think it's
5 Nov 2006 #3
just go on line - try skyscanner.

lots of really low cost airlines flying to Poland from the UK and flights from the states are pretty cheap to the UK too
13 Nov 2006 #4
Skyscanner is the site as mentioned. Here you will find every bargain available.
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plg 17 | 263
13 Nov 2006 #5
i cant get glasgow(uk) to poland to come up

there is no poland there. the only 'p' that is there is for portugal

im confused ale jaja!!!!!!!!!
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
13 Nov 2006 #6
thats funny I get all my cheapo flights from skyscanner

thats funny because I just went on and they flight form glasgow to Krakow and it came up with ryan air they also fligh to Wroclaw from Prestwick with KLM
FISZ 24 | 2,116
20 Nov 2006 #7
I always fly into Frankfurt. I also get the best deals using Lufthansa, but you have to book early and it's usually cheap off season. I'm flying there fir the new year and it's costing me $720
20 Nov 2006 #8
Are you using a MAC ? Or a non standard browser. Skyscanner does have problems if you step away from Explorer.
I am sure that Skyscanner does inlcude scans of Lufthansa but concentrates on Europe I believe.
Berlin is always cheap to fly to
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
20 Nov 2006 #9
Looking for advice on cheaper flights to Poland

my flights normally cost me somewhere in the region of 2p... return... mwuhhhahhha...

... not including tax... obviously...
27 Nov 2006 #10
Continental flies Newark to Cologne, Germany for a good rate. A short train ride to Dortman will get you an Easyjet flight to Krakow. It may not be the most convenient but may be the cheapest way to get there.
28 Nov 2006 #11
are you student? try "studentuniverse com"
6 Dec 2006 #12

can sometimes be cheap. I have paid 90 pounds for a london to warsaw return flight before.
Cosmo 5 | 18
3 Feb 2007 #13
Try Wizzair, always good deals available. I've used it many times, always a pleasure!
4 Feb 2007 #14

operate to katowice at the moment 4 times a week from doncaster and from july 2007 will operate just as many flights to gdansk from doncaster
24 Jul 2007 #15
Flights to Poland
Hey Guys,

I have found this website and it seems to be excellent site to book cheap flights to Poland.

Wherever you're going - Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice - just visit site and compare and book low cost flights.
24 Jul 2007 #16
I use for some of my bookings.

I did a search on a random dates, a week apart, and got this:

(Chicago, Illinois, United States of America - Warszawa, Poland / 18 Wrzesień, 2007)

(Warszawa, Poland - Chicago, Illinois, United States of America / 25 Wrzesień, 2007)

Connect at Milan Malpensa (MXP)

2,481.00 PLN = 904.997 USD = 438.872 GBP
1 Nov 2007 #17
just go on line - try

Hmm... How does one get to online from here?
Merry Wanderer 1 | 14
5 Nov 2007 #18
Just to let everyone know. Ryan Air are currently offering 50% many of their flights.
This means I can go to Lodz and back for £17.38 (inc tax) ! !

Hope that helps. Happy flying.

Merry Wanderer
5 Nov 2007 #19
i can get cheap promo flights from wizzair to gdansk .. katowice .. poznan and wroclaw (latter two from february 2008) from the airport an hour away from my house so i am cool :)

me and my daughter can fly to wroclaw for example:
1 Adult @ 0.49 GBP 0.49 GBP
1 Child @ 0.49 GBP 0.49 GBP
Taxes / Fees [details] 37.60 GBP
Price excluding payment handling fee 38.58 GBP

thats one way though :)

which i think is good :D
Frank 23 | 1,183
5 Nov 2007 #20
Gee guys you paid through the nose......return to Gdansk from Belfast with easyjet.........

wait for it.........

4p total...incl taxes!!!!

It wasn't advertised on their website and they seemed only to be available for a few days til they were snapped up...see my rational behind creating "sticky" threads!!!!
5 Nov 2007 #21
4p total...incl taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bargainlicious frank
z_darius 14 | 3,968
5 Nov 2007 #22
If the city of your destination is in Western in Poland then you may want to consider flights to Berlin, and then a train from there to one of Polish cities. It's faster (and cheaper) tan flying to Warsaw.
Merry Wanderer 1 | 14
5 Nov 2007 #23
WOW yup you win Frank ! :-)

I shall just have to hunt harder :-)

Frank 23 | 1,183
5 Nov 2007 #24
WOW yup you win Frank ! :-)

I know...!!!!!.......I KNOW.........!!!!!!

And it woulda bin cheaper if they hadda served a deportation order on me ...and made it a one way flight!!!.........2 p.....!!....what a bonus for Poland!!!
sapphire 22 | 1,241
5 Nov 2007 #25
Ryanair have some good deals from London to Krakow and other cities at present. they are 1p plus tax. Average price is around £35 return if you travel on certain days and off peak times.
Frank 23 | 1,183
5 Nov 2007 #26
True S...but we do need a sticky thread for these for the benefit of members of this board......what de ya think...for ALL the low costs......

Norwegian air

The list may well be endless.......and we should include full fare.....rob you blind...Aer Lingus and British Airways as they do some value for money fares too!!
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
5 Nov 2007 #27
Aer Lingus and British Airways as they do some value for money fares too!!

Airmiles flights for BA. Got zillions of the things. Only problem now is the taxes add up to more than the total cost of the budget boys. Only consolation is that I can sit up the front of the plane. Good idea for this one being sticky Frank
Frank 23 | 1,183
5 Nov 2007 #28
Good idea for this one being sticky Frank

Glad to be of service Szarlotka........

And say one for communications.....phones...etc...always new deals...options.....both phoning too and from and within Poland........any more?
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
6 Nov 2007 #29
It wasn't advertised on their website

Nice one !
How did you find out about it Frank.
Frank 23 | 1,183
6 Nov 2007 #30
On MSE, theres a local section for N Ireland..some one found it...alerted the rest of us and Bobs your Uncle!

Ideal reason for a sticky thread...people can see instantly whats going on and avail of some one elses vigilance!

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