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Has anyone in Poland been to Cairns?

13 Apr 2014 #1
Our friends from Warsaw are visiting Cairns Queensland Australia in August. Has anyone from Poland been to Northern Queensland and what impressed you most, what did you do. I would

love to hear comments from Polish people who have visited so I can make some recommendations. Thanks Kristine.
peterweg 36 | 2,316
14 Apr 2014 #2
Best thing I did was get a helicopter flight over the Great Barrier Reef. Few people did it on the boat trip I was on, preferring to swim, snorkel, dive instead. They don't know what they missed.

The Captain Cook Highway is spectacular.

Try eating the Crocodile meat, after a lifetime fed on chicken its good quality.

Go north to the rainforest, lookout for the Cassowaries which are supposed to be rare but I saw two as did someone else in my hostel the day before.

Cairns is a tourist town, its full of them. Plus an occasional ship load of stir-crazy American sailer's.

Inland there isn't much to see really but its worth a trip.

Probably still very hot in August, I went in winter and it was hot enough.
Brulinski - | 2
14 Apr 2014 #3
I dont suggest going. They just went through a pretty big cyclone so stuff will be getting repaired in the next few months..

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