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Border crossing Poland into Ukraine at Medyka & Korczowa

adrian617 1 | 3
2 Nov 2016 #1
My wife and I are planning a motoring holiday in Poland next year in our own car (UK). Whilst there, we would like to visit Lviv in the Ukraine for two nights. We plan to cross into the Ukraine at the Korcowa crossing and, coming back into Poland to use the border crossing at Medyka.

We have read about cars having to wait up to 8 hours at these crossings and want to avoid that if possible. We will be using our own car (UK). Can anybody offer any advice or information to help us at these crossing points?

If you can help we would be extremely grateful.
smurf 39 | 1,971
2 Nov 2016 #2
Can anybody offer any advice or information to help us at these crossing points?

A little bribery gets you very far at the Ukrainian border....but only with the Ukranians, you try to bribe a Polish border guard and you're going to jail.

But, and I've driven in Ukraine, the best thing you could do would be leave your car in Poland take a busto Lviv. Ukraine is dangerous, worse roads and drivers than Poland.

Lviv is OK, it's pretty but nobody speaks English, it's not exactly friendly and it's far to travel by bus....tbh I wouldn't bother if I wasn't flying there
lowfunk99 10 | 397
2 Nov 2016 #3
I went to Lviv in 2012. The trip into the Ukraine was not all that bad. It only took us a few hours to get across.

The trip back sucked. We were with in a 100 yards of the crossing and sat there for hours.

I was the only American on board with everyone else being Polish. My paperwork was done first and was returned pretty quickly.

If you can't get to the gate it's going to take time.
2 Nov 2016 #4
I'd make sure your car insurance covers you for the Ukraine - full cover. Like smurf I'd advise taking the bus. Central Lviv can get choked up at rush hour and road markings are sometimes non-existent so there are lots of people pushing in and messing about. Outside of rush hour it's quiet. Buses should theoretically get over the border a bit faster than cars . Our bus driver pushed in a bit and even drove on the wrong side of the road to get past the 1 km queue probably saving a couple of hours. Expect a long wait at the border in any case. Also there are no toilets on the Ukrainian side which can make life uncomfortable if you're there for 2 hours. BTW a 2 hour wait would be a best case scenario. Also, the Ukrainians generally want to see documents proving you're the owner of the car. Your V5C registration document should do as long as it's in your name. Probably a good idea to get it translated into Russian as they may not be able to read the English or they may expect a nice bribe. An English car would be something out of the ordinary for them. On the other hand you may get a team of guards who just don't give a sh** and just let you through. It can be quite unpredictable on the Ukrainian side. Lwow is pretty and well worth a visit though.
OP adrian617 1 | 3
4 Nov 2016 #5
Dear All, Thank you so much for the invaluable advice. My wife and I are certainly going to act upon it. We now plan to get a bus from Przemysl to Medyka, cross the border on foot, then get a bus to Lvov on the other side. Seems to be the best hasslefree option all round. Thanks again.
OP adrian617 1 | 3
23 Nov 2016 #6
I've just had a thought. My wife and I don't speak a word of Polish, Ukranian or Russian!!!
Should we just give up trying to get to Lviv?
Andy K
20 Dec 2016 #7
I have crossed recently at both Medyka and karokowets in my own Polish car ( I am a British citizen working in Poland ). I would tend to agree that border crossings can be slow. However, if you stop overnight at a hotel in Poland and then enter Ukraine at about 5am the queue is normally close to non existent. Medyka (shehini on Ukrainian side ) is a godforsaken place where there is not a lot of scheduled bus traffic. you will probably need to negotiate a taxi which i last did for UAH 700 ( about 25 pounds ). A brand new option as of mid December 2016 is a high speed train which goes from Przemysl direct to Lviv. This will be ideal for you.
OP adrian617 1 | 3
20 Dec 2016 #8
Dear Andy K,
You are a STAR!
Brilliant info about that train from Przemysl to Lviv. This will be ideal for us as we will be staying in Przemysl. You have made my day!

Thank you so much.
20 Dec 2016 #9
a high speed train which goes from Przemysl direct to Lviv.

That's good news. Pity that Przemysl is still such a ball-ache of a drive from Warsaw. I think I'll stick to flying from Warsaw to Lviv for 300zl instead.
3 Jun 2017 #10
Can Americans and Canadians tourists leave Poland and cross border into Ukraine on a day trip, then cross the border back into Poland? Would the Polish border guard deny entry?<American and Canandian citizens are given 90 days stay without visa upon entry into Poland>
DominicB - | 2,707
3 Jun 2017 #11

No. That has not been possible for many years now. Ignore anyone who says you can: that info is long outdated. You can't stay for longer than three months in a six-month period in the Schengen zone.
4 Jun 2017 #12

Thank you! Do you know of any sources that get the Temporary Residency Permit for Americans who are neither workng or studying in Poland?
DominicB - | 2,707
4 Jun 2017 #13

There are investor and business visas, but both require a good deal of cash, and lots of paperwork. What do you intend to do in Poland, and how long do you want to stay?
4 Jun 2017 #14
I came to visit friends in Warsaw and found it very pleasant here in the summer. I'd like to stay here for another 3 months.
DominicB - | 2,707
4 Jun 2017 #15

Do you have plenty in your bank account to amply cover your stay? How long before your 90 days expire?
4 Jun 2017 #16
Yes, I do have plenty in the bank account to amply cover my stay. My 90 days will expire late July.
DominicB - | 2,707
4 Jun 2017 #17

You can try going to the Wydział dla Spraw Cudzoziemców at your local Urząd Wojewódzki and petition for a temporary residency permit or an extension to your stay. But do it very soon, like next week.
4 Jun 2017 #18
Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciated it!

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