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Bialystok or... some other place in Poland.

Romekkkk 2 | 5
9 Oct 2015 #1
Hello everyone.

Here is my problem. I have visited Bialystok during their winter and fell in love with the place and people. Everything about that place felt like home. I had never experienced snow or such friendly people before and I find myself looking forward to going back for another holiday.

But a few Polish people I work with here in Australia tell me Im crazy to not to explore the South of Poland and tell me Bialystok is not even close to the best of Poland culture and there is much better places to stay.

Should I follow my instinct and go Bialystok or take a risk and try somewhere new?

Im looking forward to hearing your opinions!
10 Oct 2015 #2
IF you like winter in Bialystok, you are in good place (usually winters in this region of Poland are pretty harsh ;). Still, what makes you not to visit other parts of Poland - 5-6hr bus or train ride will take you to Rzeszów or Zielona Góra in the South of Poland. Białystok is not as developed as the other cities, but perhaps that's what you like it. Other benefit is that it may be cheaper than in other regions (you may be able to hire some cheap contractor from Belarus if you need a serious construction job done there ;).
Jardinero 1 | 402
10 Oct 2015 #3
Do a bit of searching on these forums here first.
Both Białystok and other places were discussed in detail a number of times here in terms of what they have to offer, pros v cons, living costs, etc.
10 Oct 2015 #4
If it were me I think I would listen to the Polish people you work with and at least do some exploring first, unless you have made a lot of friends in Białystok and that is an added reason for you to want to live there.

I wouldn't underestimate how cold and long the winters are there too. Białystok is one of the coldest places to live in Poland, and you are coming from Australia. It's one thing to visit in winter, but you may feel differently after months and months of freezing weather.

You don't say what you will be doing in Poland, but maybe you could rent somewhere for a period of time first to trial what it's actually like to live there?

There is a regular poster on this forum who lives in Białystok, and will most likely comment on this thread when he sees it. I'm sure he will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Good luck in making your decision!
Roger5 1 | 1,443
10 Oct 2015 #5
Romekkk, you are clearly a man of rare discernment and taste. Białystok has the best of both worlds: tradition and modernity. Nevertheless, there's a lot more to see in Poland.Try any of the mountainous areas; they're all beautiful. Or the lakes. I'd avoid the seaside if I were Australian! If you must return to B.Stok, make sure you visit Białowieża forest.
dhrynio 5 | 95
10 Oct 2015 #6
I can weigh in on this. I don't live in Bialystok but I in Lomza, so not too far away. I love Bialystok. I just am not a big city preson, so Bialystok has all of the city stuff but not the huge city feel. You have culture and tradition, modern life and all necessary conveniences. You are still fairly close to Mazury and Bialowieza. And in the next few years the highway will be completed and the trip form Bialystok to Warsaw will be less than two hours.

The other areas are beauitful and you can go to see them on vacations and trips. But if you love Bialystok, have friends there already I say stay! It is a great city!
OP Romekkkk 2 | 5
10 Oct 2015 #7
Everyone is making good points, thank you.
I was only there for 3 weeks but the cold and snow did not bother me at all. Maybe I should split my time between Bialystok and somewhere new.

Roger5 I think that I do love the mix of tradition and modern. I know all cities must change but I hope Bialystok does not change too much!

Dhryino, you sound much the same as me. Not a big city person.
So, would I be correct in thinking the Bialystok residents are unique like the city or are all Polish so welcoming in general?
Yosemite 2 | 88
10 Oct 2015 #8
Everything about that place felt like home. I had never experienced snow or such friendly people before and I find myself looking forward to going back for another holiday.

Boom thats all you need right there. When i feel like that about a place and am in a position to make the move thats where i go. I like winters, i don't mind the cold at all. Sometimes you just feel a place, and if it feels right go for it. That said winter maybe a novelty for you coming from Australia, they can grind a person down once you're past the honey moon period. I know many people who go into a kind of depression when the snow falls and the -10's become a common reality day in day out for weeks on end. Helps to be near a mountain if you like winter sports as i was/did when i lived there. I mean your options for days out are surely limited when its so cold.

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