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Poland's best Prepaid Sim with international roaming in India

kbjan26 3 | 10
16 May 2017 #1
Hi All,

I am looking to buy a prepaid sim card with best of use to receive calls when I am roaming in India. I am looking for the best of lots. I am currently using PLAY but international roaming charges when I receive calls are quite high.

Balaji K
Tlum 11 | 194
24 May 2017 #2
What are other choices besides Play in Poland? Maybe Vonage or some other international branch that has a global market..
Looker - | 1,122
24 May 2017 #3
Maybe stick to the Viber, WhatsUp or similar... I don't know any cheaper option than that.
Of course having a good data package would be handy ;)
OP kbjan26 3 | 10
24 May 2017 #4
There is a particular reason why I need incoming while in India. I am aware of data packages that I could use with local operator in India or even with WiFi.

I am specifically looking for network operators who could offer cheap international roaming facility.

Experts please help.

Balaji K

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