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Where is the best place to snowboard in Poland?

vjmehra 16 | 80
4 Jan 2014 #1
Last year we went to Szczyrk for new year (2012/2013) and this year to Zakopane, frustratingly both times we had very little snow (although as beginners it didn't matter too much as we were on the nursery slopes with the snow cannon's anyway).

So, we're thinking of planning our next trip, ideally somewhere with a choice of green and blue runs, maybe a red or two, but black runs aren't really that important as I doubt we're good enough yet!

People keep telling me that it always used to snow at New Year, but doesn't it worth persisting, are the last couple of years likely to have just been bad luck, or is it simply a lost cause and better to go in Jan/Feb?

We'd like somewhere that's not miles away from an airport (the bus from Krakow to Zakopane takes forever), but we won't have a car, so it must be possible to get to the city centre via public transport (we'll take cab's in the local area and/or walk), also my wife would prefer somewhere in Poland, rather than across the border, but if there is anywhere that is close enough to a Polish resort that we can do a day or two in Slovakia/Czech Republic that could be good!

So, any suggestions (obviously there is unlikely to be a perfect place, so it will have to be a compromise of all the above)?
Ajb 6 | 232
4 Jan 2014 #2
As a local to Szczyrk, I feel your pain!

To be totally honest one of the best places would be Chopok in Slovakia:

They make a lot of snow, much more so than Zakopane. Plus they have many options for snowboarders with fantastic lifts and slopes. We spend most of our time there at the moment!

In Poland, your best bet is Białka Tatrzańska as they have many snow cannons and make a lot of snow quickly. Plus you can go to the thermal pools in the evenings!

Good luck :)
f stop 24 | 2,501
5 Jan 2014 #3
One suggestion would be not to plan the snowboarding or skiing trip until the conditions are perfect, and then being able to go at a moment's notice. It's much more nerve wracking, but it turned out great each time me and my family went on the ski trip this way.
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
5 Jan 2014 #4
That's tricky at the peak times though as everywhere gets booked up quickly, not to mention the flight costs etc. which shoot up!
f stop 24 | 2,501
5 Jan 2014 #5
We've been chasing the waves, or snow, traveling at a moments notice for so long, that I have learned a few things. First, of course, those offering the accommodations would like to have the reservations (and the money) way in advance so they'll try to scare you any way they can, but unless you're traveling during Christmas vacation, there are always rooms to be found. Sometimes you'll have to pay more, sometimes even less, but you still get a better buy seeing the place first. In a pinch, you'd be surprised how many private persons will offer accommodations at their own places; we have slept at a store clerk's house, once at a waitresses' apartment. Met some great people along the way. In the end, the most important is what you went there for - virgin powder or great waves. There were few times when we had to travel further away from the crowds, but still, I would not trade those experiences for ideal accommodations with no snow.
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
4 Jan 2015 #6
We just got back from Białka and thought it was where to next?

To recap, this is what we've done on our winter travels in Poland over the last few years:

Warsaw (2011)- There was snow, it was very cold, but of course this wasn't a ski holiday, which is now what we'd prefer! Maybe we'll go back in the summer sometime!

Szczyrk (2012)- No snow and seemingly no snow cannon's, a nice town, we would be tempted to go back, but not for New Year again as its too risky, any suggestions on when would be best?

Zakopane (2013)- No natural snow, the cannons meant there was some on the beginner piste's, which was good enough for us back then, but probably not if we go back, so again New Year may not be the best time. Also, why are the trains/buses so slow getting there? Other than a cab from the airport, is there a better way to get there (from Krakow)?

Biłka Tatrzanska (2014)- A really nice little town, not much there, so may get a bit boring after a few times, but they have loads of snow cannons and this year at least we got lucky with the snowfall! On a separate thread I've asked about what more we could do here (as we are keen to go back once or twice at least): so feel free to contribute if you have ideas!

So where to next (specifically for a skiing/snowboarding holiday, although we are beginners, so a few blue runs will be fine for us)?

I like the idea of Slovakia, but from what I see its significantly more expensive (especially the ski passes) and my wife prefers to stick to Poland, so if possible any other suggestions on where we can go to next? The quicker the journey from the airport the better (as we would like to do another 1 or 2 weekends over the winter flying from Stansted)!

We're going to Poland over Easter again, was thinking of going to the mountains...but will it still be possible to ski/board (i.e. will there still be snow coverage), or will it be to late in the year?
Looker - | 1,134
28 Jan 2015 #7
It depends also which part of Poland you are relating to. As a rule, you can still go skiing, but the conditions are not the best then. As far I know, from the place where I live, the slopes are snowed better in the Czech Republic - I am saying about Krkonose and Izera mountains at southwestern border - Karpacz and Szklarska Poreba area.
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
28 Jan 2015 #8
We are flexible, but we're thinking of one of the following:

Czarna Gora

But open to suggestions!

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