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Best hunting, fishing, foraging in Poland?

nelliepants 1 | -
12 Oct 2017 #1
Hi everyone, I'm someone might be able to point me in the right direction of a few outdoors activities for a television shoot I am producing that will film in Poland next month. For each of these big story points, I'm hoping to get connected with some locals who speak English and can talk me through the process.

-Hunt for wild boar or mouflon and prepare a traditional Polish hunters stew near Warsaw.
-Forage for mushrooms and eat a rural family meal featuring Polish specialties near Pultusk.
-Catch and cure smoked eel near Nidzica.

Any information would be incredibly helpful!
cinek 2 | 346
13 Oct 2017 #2

Hunt for wild boar or mouflon

You should search for Koło łowieckie in the area of interest:

Forage for mushrooms

May be too late in November. People pick mushrooms from June to October. But you could try with some Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich

Catch and cure smoked eel

You could start with Koło Wędkarskie Nidzica:

8 Nov 2017 #3
Gdansk has amazing beaches with wide stretches of clean sand, even though water in the Baltic Sea is rather cold. And if you're lucky, you might find a piece of amber. The first swimming areas in the Gdansk area were designated in the early 19th century. Which ones are worth a visit? Well I can tell you this, all of them are worth to visit due to the fact that they are pretty. They even have beach libraries.

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