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Playing football in Katowice

Stuck in Kato 1 | -
30 May 2010 #1
Hi guys, does anyone know where I can get a game of 5 a-side or 11 a-side football in or around Katowice? Are there any expat teams here?

frd 7 | 1,401
4 Jun 2010 #2
I skimmed through some link on the internet but it seems only football playing possibilities outside of professional level are in Unis, it'd be best to find the number of players you need first and just book a football field for playing.

Personally I'd go for basketball or volleyball though it's much much easier to find the needed amound of players.
smurf 39 | 1,981
11 Jun 2010 #3
Cant you just go into the local school grounds, that what the locals doaround piotriwice

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