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Places to see in Lower Silesia region (between Wroclaw and Czech border) ... suggestions?

OwCr 3 | 15
17 Jan 2018 #1
Hi everyone.

In April I am visiting Wroclaw, Poland for a few days (from England) and to see my friend that I've got to know recently. Me and her have made plans on various days, but on one of the days I would like to go and see somewhere between the south of Wroclaw and the Czech border (within Lower Silseia region) Can anyone recommended a place/attraction to visit in that area? A natural place in the countryside would be preferred.

I looked up a place called "Králický Sněžník", which is just off the Czech border ... is that worth seeing for the day?

Thank you in advance. :)
veikkopl 2 | 19
17 Jan 2018 #2
Check Międzylesie. It is a charming little village with some hiking around it.
DominicB - | 2,709
17 Jan 2018 #3
Tons of things:

Castle Książ
Peace Church in Świdnica
Underground Nazi city in Osówka
Chapel of Skulls in Czeremcha
Sanctuary in Wambierzyce
Pleasant walk on the pilgramage trail in Bardo
Fortress in Kłodzko with tunnels (wear good walking shoes)
Gold mine in Złotystok
Cave of the Bear in Kletno
Kudowa Zdrój (Spa town, great place to spend the night, eat out, go for different spa treatments and massages, right on the Czech border)

Hike through Błędne Skały in the Table Mountains

The drive from Kudowa to Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic, nice mountain resort town,

The drive back into Poland to Szklarska Poręba.

Jelenia Góra.
Miniature Park and Uranium Mine in Kowary
Karpacz- ski resort, good places to eat, especially the Jewish restaurant. Also see the Wang Viking Church.

Tons to see. All of the things I've written I would classify as "must see". They are all great.
OP OwCr 3 | 15
17 Jan 2018 #4
Dziekuje / thanks a lot! :)
Ziemowit 14 | 4,361
17 Jan 2018 #5
Tons of things:

You have failed to mention a most exciting possibilty of searching for the Golden Train somewhere near the town of Wałbrzych.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,868
17 Jan 2018 #6
Zeleniec for a quick ski
Duszniki Zdroj

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