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Places where foreigners hang out in Warsaw

TaxmanD 1 | -
14 Oct 2013 #1
Hey guys, sorry if there are already topics like this, basically I just moved to Poland a week ago to study. Unfortunately my Polish is very basic and I feel a bit bored on my free time, I was wondering if there are good places where foreigners hang out in Warsaw.

14 Oct 2013 #2
You'll find interesting people here. You may also join out the Facebook group Professionals in Warsaw and then go to one of their drinks evenings (on Wednesdays usually).
Avilla - | 2
17 Oct 2013 #3
Hi, I have arrived also few weeks ago and planning to stay around for couple of months or so.

Thanks for the information Harry!
akronrules - | 1
24 Aug 2014 #4
Merged: Warsaw Expat Events

Hi - I'm moving to Warsaw in September from the US, and wondering if there are any regular expat events/meetings that are interesting that anyone could recommend. Looking to meet new people and network. Thanks
samipl 2 | 20
20 May 2015 #5
Hi sir there are couple of organisations in Warsaw that organise polish language courses and a Beet way to create relations with foreigners chairs:-)

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