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Pay as you go mobile phone in Gdynia for a traveler

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5 May 2013 #1

I will be traveling by train from Berlin to Gdynia in August and had a couple of questions regarding mobile phones. a) Would someone be able to recomend a place to purchase a simple \basic "pay as you go" handset in Gdynia. b) same question but with regards to buying a sim card for the phone. Who are the carriers in Gdynia and is one better\worse then the other?

Looking forward to my visit...

6 May 2013 #2
I can't recommend a specific place to buy a hand set but... why do you need to buy one? If you have an UNLOCKED one, it will work in Poland. Plugs are the same. As to the pay as you go sims, you can buy them in any "kiosk", they should have several at the Gdynia train station, just look for one that sells "odds and sods", but preferably one with newspapers. Also (if they have one at the station), a larger outlet, with snacks and other... clutter, at the station itself. Can't recommend any particular network (thus any card),, providers seem to keep changing names in Poland, and spawning some brands by the bucketload, so I just get whatever I see in such a kiosk, none of them seemed to be better or worse than the rest. The cheapest "starter pack" (pakiet startowy) is PLN 5 for at least a couple of pay as you go providers, just be aware that those cheapest sims are valid for only a few days (a bit longer, perhaps up to 30 days to receive calls and txt messages). You'll need to activate the sim, but I'm not sure if the instructions are ever provided in any other language but Polish.


OP traveler2013 1 | 1
6 May 2013 #3
Thanks "n". I have a phone here in the US that is a smart phone. Unfortunately, my proider advised me that even if I do not use the data overseas, it will still be subject to roaming charges for data. As such, my goal would be to get a plain "non" smart phone (they are really hard to find here in the US unless I want to take my chances on EBAY). A phone purchased over in Poland is something I would hold on to for some timeso I don't have to deal with this again. Thank you also for you input on the sim chip. I am only there for 10 days, so I will just get whatever I find.

Dziękuję za pomoc.


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