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Parking in Krakow

g60edition 6 | 175
21 Nov 2010 #1
Good Evening all.Im doing a flying visit on Tuesday to Poland and am staying at Hotel Royal Ulica sw. Gertrud does Wednesday evening.Does anybody to know of any nearby parking?

Thanks in advance
terri 1 | 1,665
21 Nov 2010 #2
Park on the street like everyone else. Be careful - you have to pay.
Olaf 6 | 956
21 Nov 2010 #3
They have a small parking space at that hotel. Maybe you should make sure there'll be a place for you too. If not, there is a guarded parking lot at ulica Św.Gertrudy 6 and some more bit further.
OP g60edition 6 | 175
21 Nov 2010 #4
Cheers,Just read what I wrote.Im glad you made sense of it

They have a small parking space at that hotel

Thanks,I know they have but it costs nearly as much as the room :-(
Olaf 6 | 956
22 Nov 2010 #5
No problem. Then maybe check this other one and if not - there's definitely one or two bigger ones bit further at Zyblikiewicza/Westerplatte corner and 50 metres further on Kopernika, round the tourists hotel. If ou don't have a very fancy ride - park on the street, it just costs the normal fare.
OP g60edition 6 | 175
22 Nov 2010 #6
Many thanks again.The ride is an Audi A8 but dont want to come back with bits missing.Ill check out the others or bite the bullet for the parking at the hotel.Failing that ill pinch the inlaws car for a few days ;-)
Olaf 6 | 956
25 Nov 2010 #7
Sure, I see. So best thing to do is just to put your car at one of these guarded paring lots:,19.944267&num=1&t=h&sll=50.06465,19.94498&sspn=0.229476,0.512238&ie=UTF8&ll=50.060312,19.944421&spn=0.00108,0.002411&z=19
or,19.945155&num=1&t=h&sll=50.060312,19.944421&ssp n=0.00108,0.002411&ie=UTF8&ll=50.060762,19.944753&spn=0.00108,0.002411&z=19
and maybe here:,19.940912&num=1&t=h&sll=50.058212,19.940931&sspn=0.00108,0.002411&ie=UTF8&ll=50.058212,19.940931&spn=0.00108,0.002411&z=19

Poland and am staying at Hotel Royal Ulica sw. Gertrud does Wednesday evening.Does anybody to know of any nearby parking?

How did it go? The Audi is fine?
OP g60edition 6 | 175
2 Dec 2010 #8
How did it go? The Audi is fine?

All went well I parked at the hotel in the end and they let me leave the car till 6pm the next day so worked out well as had time to walk to Galaria and grab some lunch before heading back to Zawoja.The Audi is in fine fettle and returned between 34-36 Mpg which is not bad for a barge of its size.Left Zawoja at 10am Friday and stopped in Venlo (Holland) for the night but I would have been in Calais for 00.02 according to the satnav.

Cheers for the links of the other car parks.
Olaf 6 | 956
2 Dec 2010 #9
You're welcome.
sedna 1 | 2
30 Oct 2012 #10
Merged: Safe parking in Krakow

Hi there,

Can someone tell me where I could safely park my car (freely) in KRAKOW??

Many thanks,
Olaf 6 | 956
6 Nov 2012 #11
If you are looking for anything safer than in the streets (which is paid in the centre anyway) then it is any monitored parking, for which you'd pay between 40 and 80 zloty per 24 hours. Monthly rate would be around 300 - 400 zloty. For that it is much better and cheaper to rent a garage if you manage to find one in your area.
16 Dec 2018 #12

Best motorcycle parking in Krakow

Hi everyone, first time poster here.
I'm planning on riding over to Krakow from the UK and the idea is to park the bike up for 4 or 5 days whilst I explore the city etc.

Obviously I want to know my pride and joy will be safe.
Are there any Hotels or places with secure bike parking? Or are there any other places I can securely leave the bike in the city?

Been searching the internet but not found anything yet.
Any advice welcomed.
terri 1 | 1,665
17 Dec 2018 #13
I would search for private individuals who can put your bike in their nearby garage or covered up in front of their house.

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