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There is only one railway station in Warsaw Chopin airport?

Erik01 1 | 3
12 Oct 2012 #1
I'd like to travel from Chopin airport to lodz,I check on pkp webpage,there is train From airport to lodz,only need to change in Warsaw zachodnia,last month I took the train from Chopin airport to Warsaw central pkp station,is it the same railway station I should use this time,and last time I found only the ticket selling machine,I don't see human tickets selling there,and the machine only accept coins,can I buy the tickets to lodz,I can't imaging how many coins I need? :)
Ziemowit 14 | 4,263
12 Oct 2012 #2
You can't buy a train ticket to £ódź at the Chopin airport railway station. The best is to travel to Warsaw Central Station (only one stop or two local stops beyond Warsaw West) and buy the ticket there, either in a machine or at a ticket office); you may also buy a ticket on a Warsaw-£ódź train.
OP Erik01 1 | 3
12 Oct 2012 #3
Thank you,Ziemowit! I think I'll buy a ticket on the train,due to I'll have a heavy luggage then.I don't want walk to much in the central station.

Do I need to find the conductor to buy the ticket before they check the tickets, right? Or I can wait them to come. For now I can only speak a little basic Polish.
jon357 74 | 22,042
12 Oct 2012 #4
You can buy the tickets on the train - go to the first carriage though. You might want to write down the word £ódź on a piece of paper ;-)

BTW, I agree with Ziemowit, you should go via Centralny. They have ticket machines there that accept cards, and as for walking - you may find you have to walk further at Zachodni.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,263
12 Oct 2012 #5
When I travel in trains I quite often see people bying their ticket when the conductor comes. I think the rule is you have to report to the conductor you don't have a ticket, but in practice it is safe to take a seat in the first carriage of the train and wait there until the conductor comes since he starts his round from the first carriage. There is an additional fee for issuing the ticket on the train, and last time (a month ago) I travelled from £ódź to Warsaw this fee was 9 zł.

Beware of the types of trains that start from the Chopin airport railway station. There are these which stop at Warsaw Central and those which stop at a nearby local station Warszawa Śródmieście from which you can walk underground to Warsaw Central. There are two companies that operate the line as well. One is KM (green-yellow trains), the other is SKM (red-yellow trains). The trains of the latter run much more often than those of the former. Their line S2 doesn't stop at Warsaw Central, but at Warsaw Śródmieście. Their line S3c ("c" for Central) does stop there, but the trains which are not marked with the letter c stop at Warszawa Śródmieście instead (same as line S2). I know it's a bit complicated, but all this should be marked accordingly at the PKP timetable available on-line in English.

edit: Singular tickets for each of the railway companies are different as far as I know, but a valid Warsaw transport card entitles you to travel on both types of trains.
Orpheus - | 114
12 Oct 2012 #6
I don't want to open a new thread just for this question so please leave it here until I get a few replies. Thanks, wonderful mods.

I have to pick up family from Chopin airport. The problem is that I haven't driven in Warsaw for about five years and I have no idea what the road situation is like. I'll be coming in from the east. The last time I did it I came through Siemiatycze and Węgrów. Any advice would be appreciated. The flight arrives at 1145.
jon357 74 | 22,042
13 Oct 2012 #7
Very easy, especially if you have GPS.

If you're coming from Siemiatycze (lovely town) you'll either come the top or the bottom way (Wyszkow/Marki way or Sielce/Minsk way). Just follow signs; the roads are much better than they used to be 5 years ago thanks to the Nobel Prize-winning EU.

I don't remember any airport signs in the east of town, but they may well be there now. If not, the new outer ring road isn't complete yet so if you come the top way; you need to keep going until Trasa Torunska/Armia Krajowa becomes Prymasa Tysiaclecie and keep going until you see the airport signs near the turn off for Zwirki I Wigury. Basically anti-clockwise through the suburbs on one dual carriageway. If you come in the bottom way, just follow the dual carriageway clockwise round town, along Trasa/Lazienkowska until it becomes Armia Ludowa and you come to the same airport junction, at Zwirki I Wigury. From there, it's plain sailing.

Allow plenty of time for traffic jams, especially on Monday and Friday.
Orpheus - | 114
13 Oct 2012 #8
Very easy

Thanks a lot, jon. I don't have GPS but you have reassured me. I have a very poor sense of direction, so I need all the help I can get.

Nobel Prize-winning EU

This news has had the usual suspects complaining but I think helping to maintain peace in Europe for over sixty years deserves every praise.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
13 Oct 2012 #9
There is also PKP Okęcie, which shares its name with Okęcie airport, but is a local commuter station.
jon357 74 | 22,042
13 Jan 2013 #10
A quickie. Does anyone know why the security at Okecie is so much stricter today than normal. I haven't seen it like this since just after 9/11. Guards everywhere. It's all running smoothly as usual, however I use Okecie a lot and the security presence is very different today. Are they expecting a state visit or something?
13 Jan 2013 #11
Interesting you mention that Jon I was in Chopin on Tuesday collecting a family member and there where a lot of Police around which is not normal for Chopin. I have not heard or read anything.
jon357 74 | 22,042
13 Jan 2013 #12
It does seem unusual, doesn't it.

Everything's running without problem and there are no delays, but you're right, there are far more police than normal and I noticed they were really making a meal of the security checks - much strict than usual.

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