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One night hour in Warsaw (with a car) - is there any "must see" places?

Velund 1 | 543
17 Sep 2010 #1
Never been in Warsaw before, and now need to drive from Vilnius to Brussels. Most likely will be in Warsaw at nearest sunday to monday night. Very limited in time (need to be in Brussels Airport tuesday morning and preferably have a litle sleep before).

Is there any places/sights that really worth brief visit during deep night time?
Lukasz K - | 103
17 Sep 2010 #2
Just drive around...
You may cath just a short glimpse of the city. Most of the sights in the old town ale lighted.

I really like driving around the city centre at night (its is the only time when you can drive not stand in the traffic jam) especially Jana Pawła, from Żoliborz to al. Jeroizolmskie, then Aleje then for example Marszałkowska and for sure Aleje Ujazdowskie. You can try parking a car near the Old Town (for example in Senatorska street) and just visit castle square.

To enter the town you need to drive off the road nr 8 on the second junction after passing the bridge and the follow to the south.


OP Velund 1 | 543
15 Oct 2010 #3
Well... Returned from that trip. Got less time in Warsaw than expected, but at least nobody can say now that I never been there. ;)

Same with Paris and Berlin. ;)

Way back was crazy, 2700 km in about 35 hours with 2 short stops. Never again... ;)
26 Dec 2010 #4
Merged: Tandoor Palace, Warsaw - worth visiting?

Hi guys

just wondering is this place worth going 2 visit?

ender 5 | 398
26 Dec 2010 #5
Yes if they pay for visit.
jonni 16 | 2,485
26 Dec 2010 #6
It used to be OK, but went down very badly in quality a couple of years ago. Not at all good now.Try Arti on al Jerozolimskie or the Maharajah just up the road.

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