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Night out in Lublin - club recommendation

26 Dec 2014 #1
Merry Christmas folks,

Am new in Poland as a tourist and I wondered what it looks like spending the night in one of the Lublin's club tomorrow.

Any clue or even there is a good club this weekend.

Thanks and wishing you all a benefiting New year 2015.

Looker - | 1,047
26 Dec 2014 #2
Go to the Shine Club in Lublin.
OP Sexy
26 Dec 2014 #3
Thanks a lot bro.

Do u know if they open tomorrow

Looker - | 1,047
26 Dec 2014 #4
Of course it's open. Tommorow is the "Its time to shine" event. You must make an reservation to entry. Here's the website:

Check the event for 27.12.2014 and choose an available stage (I hope my translation is understandable):

MAINSTAGE - 165-185PLN (the price includes: 1 bottle of Vodka 0,5l + soft drink 1l)

The biggest dance floor in the Shine club, has two entresols, two scenes suitable for concerts, professional lighting and sound systems, plasma and screens.

R'N'B - 30PLN

An intimate music hall in r'n'b climates, mirrors, crystals and gold mosaic, which goes perfectly with the music presented by DJ.


The highest level of the Shine club and the place from where you can see the club and the people playing on the main floor. Perfect space to host a ladies, bachelor night, and spend an unforgettable party among friends.

Fill the form on the website - call on provided number is required for apply.
OP Sexy
26 Dec 2014 #5
Thanks you so much bro.

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