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Nice restaurants in Warsaw

kfuglsang 4 | 5
21 Feb 2010 #1
Hi all,

Im going to Warsaw in April and would very much like to hear from you, if you know of any good restaurants there.
I like small, cozy places - especially ones that have some sort of theme. I have only been to Sphinx and it was not really good in my taste.

I would like it to be a place where you could either have a good pasta or some beef.

Any ideas appreciated :-)

Best regards
mephias 10 | 296
22 Feb 2010 #2
For good pasta try Bordo in chmielna street. I haven't eaten any good beef-steak here yet, but Beef Goulash with Potato Pancake is really delicious in C.K. Oberza it is also in Chmielna street. Also "Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem" is a good restaurant with unique theme, it is in Zelazna 68. if you go there try their roasted duck and some kind of plum desert.
Polanglik 11 | 303
22 Feb 2010 #3
Try 'Flik' Restaurant - I have been there a few times and never been disappointed:
22 Feb 2010 #4
Sphinx is an upscale :-) variation of McDonald's. Don't ever go there again. Since you are somewhat new to here I would recommend that on your next visit you go to the Old Town market square (in polish: Rynek Starego Miasta) to visit "Fukier". Polish food mostly but not only. Pricey but good food and tasty. Have fun!
22 Feb 2010 #5
You can get an excellent steak in Essence on ul Krucza and an equally good one in Sense on nowy swiat. Both places also have superb drinks. For pasta, try Bacio on Wilcza.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
22 Feb 2010 #6
You'll have to try the Belvedere on ul.Agrykoli 1-- I only found it by accident when I was walking around Lazienki park. I popped in for cake and coffee and was totally impressed.

The food was very good and reasonbly priced. What makes this the Belvedere stand out is the service and decor. It the most beatiful restaurant I have ever eaten in!

The elegant interiors reflect the spirit of our times and the display of lights with the great music only add to the experience.Worth a try !!!
22 Feb 2010 #7
^ That 'review' comes from three reviews at warsaw-life. All of the reviews are from no earlier than 2007 and appear to have been written by somebody who has no idea at all about Warsaw restaurants: Belvedere is one of the most expensive restaurants in Warsaw, as far from reasonable prices as you can get!
OP kfuglsang 4 | 5
24 Feb 2010 #8
Hi all,

Thank you for all your answers.

Its funny you should mention Essence and Sense. I was at Sense the first time I was in Warsaw (about 6 months ago) and my girlfriend used to work at Essence, so I'll not be going there.

Sounds like its worth going to ul. Chmielna though ;)
Alexy15 - | 2
26 Feb 2010 #9
Personally I would recommend you 'U Szwejka' restaurant if you want tasty beef and nice theme;) It's not typical Polish restaurant indeed it is rather origanted from Slovakia or Czech republic as I think but you should try it. Really worthy!

Well---enjoy your trip to Warsaw and I,m sure no matter which restaurant you go to,----you will enjoy the Polish atmosphere and friendly people.
nana - | 40
1 Mar 2010 #10
"Ale gloria" is very good restaurant of polish cuisine, although it's not cheap. This is one of the best I have ever been.
vndunne 43 | 279
1 Mar 2010 #11
Check out THey have a full listing of restaurants with some pretty honest reviews, which seem to be generally correct.
bullfrog 6 | 602
6 Mar 2010 #12
Here are my preferred in Wwa

Medium price

Asian :Buddha Bar


Dom Polski
Tradycja Polska


French:Michel Moran Bistrot de Paris
Italian:San Lorenzo
polkamaniac 1 | 482
9 Mar 2010 #13
How about a nice quaint street restaurant.Perfect in the warm weather:

9 Mar 2010 #14
If you're stupid enough to eat in the Old Town square, you deserve the robbing that you will get.
bimber94 7 | 254
9 Mar 2010 #15
On this occasion, I'd say Harry's right. The Old Town is a tourist trap. And some years ago, the establishment owners in the Old Square wouldn't open shop because the mafia demanded protection money from them. The cops were in on it too and refused to arrest the mafia, who were known to the cops anyway.
9 Mar 2010 #16
As it happens, I also agree with him. The Old Town is generally a tourist trap. But there is no need to go around constantly insulting people, which seems to be his stock and trade on this board.

How about this;

The Old Town is considered a tourist trap, with vastly inflated prices, and best avoided.
9 Mar 2010 #17
I very much doubt you'd call someone 'stupid' in the street, pub, anywhere expect online.

Could you perhaps point out where I call anybody in this thread stupid? polkamaniac has clearly never eaten in the restaurants in the photo: he describes them as "street restaurants" and anybody who has been to Warsaw will recognise that those restaurants are very definitely not street restaurants, they are restaurants in the old town square which have tables in the square during summer.

polkamaniac seems to specialise in reproducing restaurant 'reviews' from a particular website: How strange.

You really should learn some basic online manners.

You really should learn some basic reading comprehension skills.

The Old Town is considered a tourist trap, with vastly inflated prices, and best avoided.

No wonder your guide is so tragic! There are a number of cracking places in the Old Town which offer quality food at below average prices. I can think of four within two minutes for the market square (plus two more in the New Town), one of which is the best restaurant of its type in all of Poland. None of them are on the market square. Good to see that your guide is in the hands of somebody who knows Warsaw so well.
9 Mar 2010 #18
I have nothing to do with the Warsaw Life tourist guide. It's a useless website which mostly seems to give glowing write ups to advertisers and then pretends they're honest, independent reviews. I only posted because I'm sick and tired of threads on this site being poisoned by your insults and intimidation tactics.

Could you perhaps point out where I call anybody in this thread stupid?

You said people who eat in the Old Town Square are stupid and by turn intimated that Polkamaniac was stupid for suggesting the idea. I see on another thread you resorted to calling someone a 'fcukwit'.

Harry, you're clearly an intelligent man, it surely wouldn't be a stretch for you to exercise some common decency.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
9 Mar 2010 #19
I'm not even going to get involved with this!!!! I have been to Poland six times so far and I've enjoyed myself everytime .As a tourist, I go to have a good time and "DON'T" nickel and dime the country.I take it for face value--No matter where you go----tourist are are going to get overcharged.If you think your way ,you might as well not go anywhere and become a hermit----.ME---I'M ON THIS EARTH ONLY ONCE and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.!!!
polishmeknob 5 | 154
25 Jul 2010 #20
Merged: High-end Restaurants in Warsaw: Ever Been to Them?

Has anyone been to:

Malinowa Restaurant Le Royal Meridien Bristol

The Polish Business Roundtable Club

Kurt Scheller Academy

La Rotiserrie Restaurant in Hotel Le Regina

Ale Gloria

Ancora Restaurant

The Palace Restaurant

If you've ever been to them, please tell me how it was. What food was there, what was the atmosphere, how much was the bill, etc.

It'd be super cool, thanks!
spiritus 69 | 651
27 Jul 2010 #21
I plan on going to Fukier this August.

Any reason why it was left off from your list ?
kskasia 5 | 4
12 Aug 2010 #22
[Moved from]: Any good Restaurant in Warsaw that is kind to kids? French perhaps

I will be in Poland at the end of August and would like to go out to a nice perhaps French restaurant in Warsaw where I am staying with a cousin. Any suggestions on a good place to celebrate my birhtday (Friday night) that won't mind that I am also bringing my 3 years old daughter who is well behaved? I may be wrong but heard fancier places don't really like kids in Poland but I may be wrong...
sobieski 106 | 2,118
12 Aug 2010 #23
Arsenał at Plac Bankowy has a playground inside and outside. It is Italian.
resident 1 | 27
4 Nov 2010 #24
If you're stupid enough to eat in the Old Town square, you deserve the robbing that you will get.

stupid? fukier is (still) one of the best restaurants in the country, and well worth the prices. fantastic interiors, superb service, and the food - ten out of ten. I have never been disappointed. If that sounds stupid to you then maybe you should stick to eating your fish and chips.
4 Nov 2010 #25
The Gesslers have some of the best restaurants in Warsaw and you would you not be disappointed in their offerings.

I have been to Poland six times so far and I've enjoyed myself everytime

The Boathouse, is a good place for the Sunday Buffet especially when the weather is nice.
New2itAll - | 2
15 Jan 2013 #26
Merged: visiting Warsaw in a few weeks (good filet mignon?)

Any suggestions on where to find a good filet mignon? :)
antheads 13 | 355
15 Jan 2013 #27
the restaurant at the sobieski hotel does a good steak as a recall
New2itAll - | 2
15 Jan 2013 #28
Thanks. I'll check that out.

If you want a great laugh, I thought I was going to have to check out the "Hard Rock Cafe"
Emily6 - | 1
17 Feb 2017 #29
I really like Warsaw and there are many great restaurants there! My personal favourite is New Orleans. It is rather exclusive and very elegant place. I liked it because it was not overcrowded like other places, and the food was just delicious. The dinner was one of the best in my life. Definitely worth visiting
Boom Boom
19 Feb 2017 #30
Sorry but New Orleans is more of a GO GO Bar and not a typical restaurant.Do you work for them so advertising for them?

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