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New Indoor Go-Karting Track coming to Wrocław

warsawmole 6 | 42
12 Jun 2010 #1
Been doing some work for a client who is opening an indoor Go-Kart track in Wrocław. By all accounts, it's going to be really good - Coming soon website at
Wroclaw Boy
12 Jun 2010 #3
Hopefully it will make money, theres one in Bielany shopping complex in the car park in front of Electro World. Looks as though theyve just enlarged the track actually, what concerns me is that no ones ever using it.
convex 20 | 3,978
12 Jun 2010 #4
Hopefully it will make money

Indeed. The one at Bielany is only still in business because their overhead is next to nothing. No clue how an indoor place that is further away will make money. Wish them all the best though.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
13 Jun 2010 #5
Its really popular in the UK....why not in Poland...? either they are doing something wrong , or perhaps Poles prefer to get their racing practice on the public highway....?
convex 20 | 3,978
13 Jun 2010 #6
Its really popular in the UK....why not in Poland

it costs money.
Wroclaw Boy
13 Jun 2010 #7
Its really popular in the UK....why not in Poland
it costs money.

it really is from one extreme to the other I mean check the Toya Golf course in Wroclaw its something like 240 PLN for a round even i refuse to pay that. Its always quiet there too, drop the price a bit and maybe youd get more business.

Absolute madness.

I felt sorry for the paintball guys in the Hotel Forum in Krakow, he told me they pay 8000 PLN month in rent for an old dis-used Hotel basement. Tough to make money with that over head.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
13 Jun 2010 #8
I used to have my own business in the UK teaching people to be racing drivers and we had a couple of karts we used to take to teeside raceway....These were not the fourstroke things that do 40 mph flat out , these were two stroke machines that would do 120 mph....super fun , and pretty safe... Of course 120 mph on a machine so close to the ground feels like 300 mph...Never had anyone that did not leave with a huge grin on their face....

Almost all formula one drivers began their careers in karts , they have the same power to weight ratio as a formula one car and are an ideal way to start..

Its also very usefull for road drivers , as you very soon learn about skid control and opposite locking a car through a corner...

Sadly the lack of karting centres in Poland is a major reason that not so many good race drivers come from Poland...I am sure the talent is there , but there is nowhere to practice it...
OP warsawmole 6 | 42
19 Jun 2010 #9
Apparently this new track is going to be very hi-tech. They will have all kinds of sensors around the track that automatically record lap times etc and feed them to the website. They are starting off with 10 karts, all brand new and super fast.

I don't know what the costs will be.

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