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How to get to Morskie Oko from Zakopane?

Tonino 8 | 14
19 Sep 2014 #1
I am taking the very first bus of the day to get to Zakopane at 6am for a hike up to Morskie Oko.
To start the hike, it is instructed to take the bus from town to the beginning of the paved trail. I cannot find more specific instructions other than a minibus marked either morskie oko or, more likely, Palenica Białczańska. I'm a total foreigner and don't speak Polish well. I would like to start my trail without getting lost the first thing in the morning, so I was hoping I could get some clear instructions from people who have already done the trail. Please help!

Thank you.
19 Sep 2014 #2
Its not really a hike its a dull boring walk on a paved road on a slight incline dont take the paved route its rubbish packed full of people take the back trail you can find a trail map in most hotels tourist information restaurants etc
milawi - | 60
19 Sep 2014 #3
Minibus bay is opposite PKS main bus station, just walk across Tadeusza Kosciuszki Street (assuming that PKS station is where you will arrive). You will not get lost - PKP train station, PKS bus station and minibus bay are all in close vicinity. Just ask anyone for directions when you get off the bus.
OP Tonino 8 | 14
19 Sep 2014 #4
Thank you!

dtus, could you describe how to find this back trail? Is it easy to get around?

It's just that we'll be arriving so early there, so finding a tourist office that's open will be hard.

19 Sep 2014 #5

this has a map of most trails in the area if you want to walk for the whole day you can go to morskie oko then go to rysa its 4/5 hours 1 way from morskie oko but worth it
milawi - | 60
20 Sep 2014 #6
6 am is not that early, some kiosks will already be open in Zakopane, so check there for the maps. If you still have time, buy it at emipk or other book store in your town,p1098995023,ksiazka-p

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